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Lori Weber



Lori Weber

Lori Weber studied English Literature at university (BA and MA) and she has been a teacher of English at the Cégep level, John Abbott College, for eleven years. She has been writing young adult novels since 2003 and has had three published by James Lorimer and Co: Klepto (2004), Split (2005), Tattoo Heaven (2005). Before that, she published adult short stories and poetry. Her young adult work is all set in Montréal.

Suggested reading*

Klepto (J. Lorimer, 2004)
Split (J. Lorimer, 2005)
Tattoo Heaven (J. Lorimer, 2005)
Strange Beauty (J. Lorimer, 2006)
If You Live Like Me (Lobster Press, 2009)
Yellow Mini (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2011)

*These titles have been suggested by the author based on the activities that he/she proposes to students.
It is, however, up to teachers to verify whether the titles are appropriate for their groups (age and education level, specific context, etc.).
Teaching staff are invited to contact the author for clarification on this aspect and assistance in preparing their groups for his/her visit.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The workshop is designed to make students think about language and how it can be used effectively to create engaging writing.

Examples of activities

1. She reads a passage from her book and leaves out key abstract words and sees if the students can guess, from the concrete description or emotions of the characters, what those words are. She will leave out words like “perfect” or “angry” or “happy” — abstract ones. Students should be able to tell from the prose, from the concrete details, what idea is being expressed.

2. She presents dialogues for which they must write the identifying phrase to convey a particular emotion.

3. She gives them a series of similes to complete, but they are not allowed to use certain words — the usual ones. For example, as rough as, as pale as, as beautiful as. Everyone will vote on the most original results.

Special conditions

For information

Lori Weber
Phone : 514 466-6532
Other phone : 514 457-6610, ext. 5715
Email :

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Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5

Available in

Estrie, Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Montérégie, Montréal

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