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Just Aïssi

Arts de la scène
Dance, Gumboots


Just Aïssi

Of African origin, Just Aïssi was introduced to gumboots at a workshop that he attended during his Human Resources studies at Vanier College. Having developed a passion for this art and this means of communication, he delved deeper into the discipline, discovered that he had a natural talent for this dance form, and soon became a trainer and coach for a professional dance company. The artist took part in various events such as Afrique en movement or Festival Mondial de Folklore de Drummondville, and gave classes at the École de danse Louise Lapierre, at Vanier and Montmorency colleges and to the members of the Les Sortilèges dance company. In addition, he has organized numerous tours and performances. Since 2005, Just Aïssi and his team, accompanied with percussions, have crisscrossed the province to offer workshops and to make better known to young people the art of gumboots, its rhythm, its origins and its history.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The proposed workshop is made up of three parts. First, the artist presents the origin of gumboots and the circumstances that led to their creation. He then offers some quick technical training by teaching different movements and a few basic steps. Finally, the group is invited to put everything into practice in a choreography that participants will be able to appreciate with their new knowledge.

Other examples of activities

  • For Physical Education teachers, a workshop offering an introduction to gumboots… a true physical workout.
  • For Music teachers, a workshop focusing on rhythm and percussions.
  • For History teachers, a workshop explaining the nature, the origins and the history of gumboots, followed by a short demonstration.

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Just Aïssi
Téléphone : 1-800-473-4318
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