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Sonia Dion
Cristian Florescu

Performing arts


Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu

A professional dance artist for the last twenty years, Sonia Dion has worked as a dancer and artistic director with Les Sortilèges, Canada’s oldest folkloric dance company. She has collaborated with several international choreographers and participated notably in the production Beat as a solo dancer. She has taught at the École supérieure de danse du Québec as well as to different amateur and professional clienteles. Since 1995 she has presented more than 450 workshops as part of the Culture in Schools program.

Of Rumanian origin, Cristian Florescu learned the knowledge and the skills required to become a Rumanian folklore dancer and performer from the best ethnologists and choreographers in his country. He has participated in numerous international tours and has contributed to the success of several professional and amateur folklore productions.  In 1993, he joined Les Sortilèges as a dancer, tutor, teacher and choreographer. Cristian Florescu has taught at the École supérieure de danse du Québec and for the last four years has hosted workshops within the context of the Culture in Schools program.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Dancing, what a celebration!

Folklore is a never-ending source of inspiration and creation. Professional dancers, choreographers and teachers, Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu are proud to convey and share their knowledge of this popular art. For a few years now, they have been offering a rich and stimulating workshop that gives students a positive and rewarding image of two artists having followed a complementary path. The sessions aim to promote the fulfillment of young people through a fun, dynamic and enriching introduction to the various aspects of traditional dancing. A wise choice of music will arouse the interest of young people: a lively musical piece makes young people feel like dancing! A few rhythmic exercises using their hands and feet contribute to the integration of musical notions, while the learning of steps and basic figures allows participants to discover the pleasure of dancing alone or in groups. Certain chorographical notions will also be integrated in the workshop to encourage creation. The artists have developed an approach to the teaching of movements that promotes a rapid and stimulating acquisition. Cultural notions are also included to enable young people to discover that dancing is a form of self-expression. The artists thus wish to convey to students, by way of the popular arts, a few essential tools for the construction of their identity and their personal and collective pride.

Examples of activities

  • The proposed workshops are adapted according to the age and the skills of the participants. The workshops can be developed around a specific theme (The Québec of the past, Rituals and popular celebrations, etc.).
  • Introduction to folkloric dance from here and abroad.
  • Introduction to jig.
  • Basic notions and choreographic creation.
  • Short demonstration of dances by guest artists.
  • Introduction to percussion: spoons, foot rhythm.
  • Creation of percussion instruments using common objects.
  • Familiarization with traditional music by rhythmic exercises.
  • Familiarization with traditional clothing items (national costumes from here and abroad).
  • Familiarization with habits and customs from here and abroad.
  • Learning and/or creation of a traditional song.

Special conditions

The workshop requires an empty room of reasonable size and a sound system with a CD player. Students must bring common objects that can be used as percussion instruments as well as accessories on the theme of the workshop and identified in their name.

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Sonia Dion
Phone : 514 956-0361
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