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Hélène Drapeau

Performing arts
Music and new media


Hélène Drapeau

A free-lance trumpet player since 1987, Hélène Drapeau has played in more than one hundred concerts with several orchestras including the Montréal Symphonic Orchestra, the Orchestre symphonique de Québec, the Orchestre Métropolitain, the Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Montréal. She is also credited with several concerts as a soloist. The artist has delved into various musical styles and played at the Montréal International Jazz Festival, in parks as part of public concerts, and with various groups and ensembles. Hélène Drapeau has been teaching trumpet at the primary, secondary and college levels since 1989.

Proposed approach and type of activities

A trumpet that travels through time

Over the last few years, Hélène Drapeau has been involved in various projects that emphasize a closer proximity between the artist and the audience in general, in particular children. Whether it is within the context of a commented concert formula or during workshops in schools, the artist likes to explain how a trumpet works, to talk about its history and its highly varied repertoire, and to answer questions about the life of a musician. In so doing, she wants to familiarize children with music, make them realize its importance in everyday life, and help them develop a better ability to listen and a better understanding of music. By playing pieces that are known and others that children are less familiar with, the workshop moderator creates a climate that is conducive to learning how to listen to music. Children can then share their impressions and continue their introduction. By participating through rhythm and melody, participants learn how to recognize and express the various emotions conveyed by music. Experimenting with pipes and funnels also allows children to better understand how the trumpet works. Interaction, a key element of the activity, develops during the workshop resulting in the reciprocal satisfaction inherent in the joy of playing music. The formula of the activity can be adapted according to the age of the young people met.

  • Learn and imitate rhythmic and melodic cells by using your hands, feet, voice, various objects and by clicking your fingers. Young people become performers and accompanists of various musical works played on the trumpet.
  • Build a trumpet with pipes and funnels, and produce sounds using mouthpieces.
  • Guessing game – Children must distinguish if the excerpts played are loud, soft, high pitched, tuneful, rhythmical, happy, sad, etc. Guess the name of excerpts from well-known films (Disney, Harry Potter, Shrek, etc.).
  • Demonstration of mutes for trumpets – Different styles and sounds, about which children give their impressions.
  • Mini-concert – Trumpet accompanied by children playing pipes!

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Hélène Drapeau
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