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Artists at school


Mario Bérubé

Visual arts


Mario Bérubé

Following his training in architecture and plastic arts at Université de Montréal, Mario Bérubé worked from 1987 to 1993 for various firms of architects in Montréal and France. Since 1990, he has devoted his efforts to producing large format works. An artist chosen within the context of the Symposium de la jeune peinture au Canada in Baie-Saint-Paul in 1995, he has numerous achievements to his credit and which adorn various locations. His paintings are also found in private collections in Canada and France, as well as in the Loto-Québec collection. The artist has hosted numerous artistic workshops with young people and has given language courses to students from a variety of French- and English-speaking backgrounds. Mario Bérubé is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s level program to teach the arts at Concordia University, in addition to running an enterprise offering interior design services and producing murals.

Proposed approach and type of activities


Through games and creation, students are invited to use notions of mathematics, geometry, history, plastic arts, and personal and social betterment, while carrying out manual activities. The session incorporates various theoretical notions and several teaching and learning activities: animation, demonstration, simulation, repetition of the notions learned, individual and group tutorials. The degree of difficulty of the workshop is adapted to the level of the young people met.

During this session, the artist will show students how to make a large drawing. After the presentation, namely a brief explanation on drawing and painting, which is suited for all participants, students move on to the first stage of creation: a group model. This model consists of a reduced image of the mural. For students between 6 and 10 years of age, the model can be made using a set of building blocks. Students between 11 and 18 can build a montage from small drawings that they will have made or images that they will have chosen. The second stage of the workshop is devoted to putting into practice the grid method to reproduce the model proportionally in larger format. Finally, during the third and final stage, each student has a section of the image which he must draw or paint in cooperation with the student next to him.

Examples of activities

  • Enlargement of a drawing on a large surface.
  • Decoration of lockers using paint and stencils.
  • Collective mural (sections or mosaic).
  • Creation of a model.
  • Play mural: painting with interactive or educational game exercises.

Special conditions

The workshop may require the purchase of paint, brushes and a support (canvas, paper or other), for a maximum cost of $100 per day.

For information

Mario Bérubé
Phone : 514 506-9961
Email :

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