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Artists at school


Pierre Larouche

Visual arts
Comic strip


Pierre Larouche

Prouche studied architecture techniques, administration and computer graphics. But he is best known for comic strips. This artist conveys his passion for drawing by way of a method (Prouche method) which is a major hit among young people from kindergarten to secondary school. The author produces and publishes a series of books to learn how to draw which he has named the DFG Collection and which involves drawing by geometric shapes. His drawing-animation-publishing business is growing steadily and owes much of its success to his DFG collection which has won people over wherever the artist has held activities. A glimpse of the Prouche method may be obtained by visiting the artist's web site.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The artist proposes two workshops.

I write and I draw my own comic strip

The activity can be presented to two classes per day (one group at a time) at a rate of two hours per group. The first hour of the session is devoted to learning basic tricks in drawing, which the artist illustrates on paper or on the board. In the second part of the session, each student is invited to draw a comic strip with three panels under the supervision of Prouche. A guaranteed success!

I draw a comic strip character

The activity can be presented to three classes per day (one group at a time) at a rate of 60 minutes per group. After a first half-hour devoted to learning drawing techniques (characteristics, objects, dialogue bubbles), students use the second part of the session to make a colour drawing (a panel or an illustration) on a Prouche-sheet. Surprising results are obtained even among the youngest participants!

Special conditions

The workshops require the purchase of small fine tipped markers (Pilot Fineliner brand) and drawing paper to sketch, ink and colour the comic strips, at a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Pierre Larouche
Phone : 418 977-9892
Other phone : 418 951-7819
Fax : 418 614-2788
Email :

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