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Artists at school


Martin Rodriguez

Performing arts, Media and multimedia


Martin's musical and artistic explorations are rooted in his colourful experiences coming from a Polish-Mexican-American home. In 2012, Martin was awarded the Vivacité Montréal grant by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for Open La Puerta, a performance collage piece which mixes elements of improvisation and found art, creating a sonic atmosphere that reflects on fragmented memories of his heritage. Recently, Martin has begun to experiment with interactive audio installations, and in March 2014, he will present Cabezon, a new interactive performance installation working with the themes of healing and scarring loosely based on his own experiences going through cancer treatments for a brain tumor. Using a collage of sounds, Martin creates cinematic soundscapes that open a door to the imagination.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Being raised in a culturally diverse home greatly influences my artistic work. I draw inspiration from my mixed heritage by creating cinematic sound collages. Using the power of sound to construct engaging sound environments, I create music that reflects my path and attempts to express a broad view of the human condition. I combine traditional composition techniques with modern technology to assemble contrasting sound elements that weave into rich aural textures. In order to find new ways of engaging the listener's imagination, I experiment with electronics and installations to create interactive environments, and unique atmospheres are born through the use of found sound and samples. Adding humanistic elements to my compositions, I embrace serendipity and always leave room for improvisation.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

As a sound collage/interactive media artist, my practice revolves around incorporating elements from my mixed heritage to create music that echoes our cultural experiences. My workshops foster collaboration between students to create a sound collage project that reflects their own background. Using techniques that I have developed in my own work, I will provide students with the awareness and tangible skills they’ll need to create music that represents their own experiences. As it is based on working in groups, this workshop will foster collaboration between students and bring more meaning to their cultural environment. When students are given the opportunity to reflect on their heritage and how it relates to their neighbour’s, they develop a stronger sense of unity. At the end of the workshop, they will have a fully completed sound recording, literally giving a voice of their stories. They can then share this recording and take pride in themselves and their community. This workshop is split into three to five periods of two hours each and will explore techniques such as field recordings, sampling, looping, DIY hacking, sequencing and remixing. These skills will allow the students to develop creative and abstract thinking, empowering them with tools to raise their voice.

Special conditions

We will need access to a computer lab to use free audio software available online.

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