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Suana Verelst

Performing arts
Fine arts, illustration


Suana Verelst

Suana Verelst was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and currently lives in Montreal. She studied drawing and painting at the Academy for Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas before leaving for Canada, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Fine Arts from Concordia University and college degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She illustrated various children's books in Québec, English Canada, the United States and Belgium. She has won awards from Applied Arts magazine in Toronto, Canada and American Illustration – American Photography in New York (AI-AP 25 and AI-AP 26). A number of her illustrations have been exhibited at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy, in Ronse, Belgium, and at the 4th Annual New York Showcase Children’s Book Art Exhibition in New York City. Most recently, in 2012, she received the Prix jeunesse des libraires du Québec and the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for her illustrations in the book La saison des pluies.

Proposed approach and type of activities

“My work is a fusion of collected and found materials, various traditional techniques combined with digital elements—I approach my illustration work as a quilter would, combining traditional drawing and painting techniques, mixing recycled printed elements with modern technology, etc. Through this approach, I often arrive at unexpected and happy accidents that guide and help me in the expression of my work as an illustrator.”

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Imagining and creating your own fairy tales or fairy tale character

In this workshop, Suana Verelst offers a different look at imagining and creating well-known fairy tales and fairy tale characters. Through simple questions (how, why, where, which, when, what), a well-known character (a personality or subject) drastically changes, simply because of critical thinking and questioning. For example, Little Red Riding Hood all of a sudden might no longer walk on two legs, but on hands and knees, as if she was the wolf. Through this verbal exercise and the use of collage, found materials, drawing/painting techniques and materials, the illustrator helps develop students’ creativity, imagination and visual execution and teaches them how to open up to new possibilities and ideas. The artist will demonstrate this workshop with several examples of work by well-known and lesser-known artists.

Workshop 2

Imagining and creating your own fairy tales or fairy tale character

Step 1: Listen, observe, imagine. A story is told—Little Red Riding Hood, for example. The artist guides the students to observe the details in the story. Where does the story take place? Why? Why not? When? What? Who? Where is the house of Little Red Riding Hood? What does it look like? Is it an apartment? Is it large, small, red, blue? By asking these questions, the students begin to use their own imagination through listening and observing skills. Step 2a: Decide. At this stage, students decide what scene they are drawn to in the story for example Little Red Riding Hood and mother, Little Red Riding Hood in the woods with the wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma. Step 2 b: Build, create. Once students have decided on a scene in the story, they are assembled in groups of the same choice of scene. Each student in this group concentrates on drawing/making a character or making the clothing or an accessory of the character using a variety of materials. The artist is open to special requests from the teacher to focus on themes such as bullying, intimidation, violence in school, etc.

Special conditions

The illustrator will send a list of required materials to the school or the teacher. The list will include general school materials (cardboard, coloured construction paper, coloured pencils, gouache, glue, brushes, scissors, old magazines). Special materials will specifically be indicated. Cost per workshop will vary according to the number of students but won't exceed $100 per workshop day.

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