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Naïma Phillips

Performing arts
Theatre, interdisciplinary


Naïma Kristel Phillips is a playwright, performer and creator for the stage. She practiced voice performance and choreographic theatre at Pantheatre and the Centre artistique international Roy Hart (Paris and Malérargues, France) and has performed solos at the 2007 Myth and Theatre Festival (Roy Hart Centre) and the Voice and Music Performance Workshop. Her playwriting credits include Birthday Triage (Horace Mann Theatre), My Artichoke Heart (Dream Up Festival 2010, Theatre for the New City) and Night Spell (Nextfest 2008). Naïma was invited for a residency with renowned choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in Antwerp, Belgium as he prepared for the opening of Puzzle (Festival d'Avignon). She is a recipient of the Gloria Mitchell-Aleong Award and the Shubert Presidential Fellowship. Naïma holds an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Prior to her graduate studies, Naïma pursued international training in various art forms and dedicated her life to developing a unique form. This led her to take a non-traditional path to achieve her long-term goals and allowed her to create lasting ties with collaborators across the world. Her work explores the boundaries of audience engagement, movement and text and the interaction of art, science and myth. Her plays are informed by her background in physical, devised and multimedia theatre. This has led her to use a dramaturgy founded on collage, association, adaptation, image and the use of source materials. She loves this approach because it challenges her to stretch her perspective, allow for the unexpected and find innovative ways to engage with theatre making.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Theatre lab

This workshop offers a laboratory-style environment that encourages students to think outside the box, take creative risks and engage in teamwork. By emulating Naïma's professional collaborations, it prepares students to be active members of their communities. To get them started working together, the artist finds it useful to begin a creation period by pairing up students and having them interview each other using questions inspired by Uta Hagen's Six Steps. Once they complete the interview questions, they each present their partner to the group. This helps break the ice and establish a collaborative atmosphere. Structured improvisations (collective creation) focus on opening body-space awareness. Through physical and writing prompts, Naïma familiarizes students with a range of performance styles and techniques for generating material for new work. For instance, students can be called upon to write a letter from their favorite superheroes (adaptation), create a performance piece based on interview transcripts (documentary theatre) or use sculptures to inspire movement (dance theatre). Where possible, the workshop will be supplemented with visits to theatre productions, art galleries and other artistic events.

Special conditions

The workshop should take place in a space where the students can move.

For information

Phone : 514 571-6172
Email :

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Special education (secondary), Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5

Available in

Montréal, Laval, Laurentides, Montérégie

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