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Artists at school


Harry Nowell

Performing arts
photo, mixed media


Harry Nowell

Harry Nowell is an Ottawa-area photo educator, fine art photographer, assignment photographer and public speaker. With close to 20 years’ experience as a working photographer, Harry’s work has appeared in Canadian Geographic, Canoe & Kayak magazine, Explore magazine and numerous editorials. His passion for fine art photography is expressed through projects such as "Watershed," a 12-year collection of photographs documenting a waterway from headwaters downstream. The photos capture the breathtaking beauty of this water system alongside the human presence of industry and engineering that mark our relationship with the natural world around us. For 12 years, Harry has run a series of popular photo workshops focusing on unleashing the artist within. Students like his patience, enthusiasm and ability to make complex ideas accessible. For 20 years, Harry has been educated in teaching and leading groups in outdoor sports and artistic pursuits.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Harry is guided by an intuitive sense of the energy in the world around us. His photo work reflects this energy in his focus on outdoor subjects and outdoor life. Harry's interest in photography transcends the equipment and embraces traditional processes to capture the universality of everyday expression. He has recently built a very large camera and is experimenting with producing his own light-sensitive paper to create original works straight from the camera. He brings this interest to his photo workshops as well, helping people connect organically to their subjects and encouraging them through positive feedback and exploration. Harry helps students overcome their self-imposed limitations and recognize their creative potential.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Photosensitive creativity


  1. Introduce the link between art and science
  2. Explore the artistic potential of photo-sensitive paper
  3. Creatively play with light, transparency and motion

Workshop process

  • The workshop begins with a brief introduction and description of the session and its purpose.
  • A short discussion is held exploring how early artists were also early scientists.
  • Students learn about light and how it can react with chemistry and chemical compounds.
  • Students are given a piece of photo-sensitive paper and asked to place objects on the sheet.
  • Once students are happy with their paper, it is exposed to UV light from direct sunlight or from a provided UV light source.

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