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Annie Lalande

Performing arts


Annie Lalande

An artist of mixed origins from Canada and Trinidad & Tobago, Annie Lalande completed her Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts at Laval University in 2001. Her first professional experience was teaching high school Visual Arts and English for two years in an Aboriginal community north of Québec. After her participation in an exhibition at Ottawa’s Cube Gallery commemorating the 200th anniversary of slave abolition, she returned to her studio with questions regarding multicultural heritage. Since then, her artistic research, mainly in drawing, has expressed an inner quest to find answers about identity, the course of our lives and the relationships we build with each other. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Arts at Laval University and continues to exhibit her works in various locations in Quebec and Canada.

Proposed approach and type of activities

She researches questions of identity. The birth of her children sparked interrogations in her regarding the invisible legacy that we all carry within ourselves, whether genetic, cultural or spiritual. She relates to her material as she would to a person. Annie has an intimate relationship with paper. She listens in a meditative way and lets it take part in the creation. She seeks a form of truth hidden inside, similar to nature's patterns. She observes the surface and the fibers and pays attention to the friction generated by her hand, The paper speaks to her of its origin, its material, its identity. It emanates an organic presence and attempts to show the poetic beauty of matter’s existence and life cycle.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Multicultural mosaic of faces – revisiting forms through artistic education

The workshop begins with a presentation of the artist, her approach and her work, followed by a brief description of the particularities of her face and skin color. She will then speak of the relationship between a person’s origin and their physiognomy and skin colour. Students will be invited to explore the different samples/images brought by the artist: images of noses, mouths, eyes, artificial hair, different coloured fabrics, etc. At their own pace, they will create a drawing/collage using samples as needed. Individual creations will be then assembled to create a collective mosaic. The objectives of meeting through this workshop are to:

  • Discuss research explaining the reasons behind different facial features with participants
  • Examine the various shapes faces can have to better understand, respect and appreciate others
  • Acquaint participants with the way an artist evaluates the concept of beauty and how perception of physical beauty differs between cultures
  • Introduce some Quebec artists that address identity issues in their practice
  • Teach various art notions such as language, composition, forms in space, contrasts, textures, etc.

Special conditions

Production costs will not exceed $100 per day.

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