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Artists at school

Danny Rhoby-Lafrance
Rob Meyer

Performing arts


Danny Rhoby-Lafrance

Danny is a singer-songwriter. On his first solo album, he wrote, produced, mixed and played all the instruments. This album received regular air play on BBC Radio, and one of his songs played in an independent film which was shown at the Cannes film festival. He has toured in England, Québec and Montréal with his band "Weston Super Mare.” He has been the opening act for such artists as The Cure, The Stills, Claude Dubois and Sylvain Cossette. In 2003, he received a grant from CALQ for research and creation. Danny offers a workshop conducted in tandem with artist Rob Meyer.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Danny started playing music at an early age, influenced by his mother who sang in a country band. He had a natural ability with harmonies and chords. His love for this art only grew with time, and in high school, he decided that music would be the path for him. He moved to England in 1996 to study music engineering and mixing. This brought him an understanding of the British sound which influenced his style. His experience has made him very versatile and self-sufficient musically. He has had the chance to work alongside some of the greats: Richard Niles. Cat Stevens, Arcade Fire, Patrick Watson, Raoul Duguay, Urbain Desbois and now Rob Meyer.

Other examples of activitie

Workshop 1

Express yourself with words and music

Ideally, this workshop is a three-step process. First, the students will discuss and decide on a subject and a musical style they wish to explore (text can be provided to teacher about basic music styles), followed by writing a poem and/or ideas on the chosen subject. The second step would be to have Rob and Danny come visit them (instruments, laptop and speakers). They would then discuss songwriting, rhythm, melody and placement of lyrics in correlation with syllables. A song will be created by the end of the class. The third step would be to have them return to record the song with the help of the class. There’d be singing, percussion and maybe playing instruments, if possible. Finally, Rob and Danny would mix down the song and send a copy to all students a copy. The teacher could have the students collaborate on a cover to add to the CD. This is a wonderful way to have students express themselves, think outside the box, collaborate with others on a human level and get an understanding of how music is created.

Special conditions

If the musicians are hired for a second day, they will record the song with the participation of the students (singing, percussion, etc.). The musicians will then mix and send the song to the teacher. Each student will receive a CD with their song. The production costs will be $1 per student, for a maximum of $100.

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