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Artists at school


Matt Enos
Anna Springate-Floch

Performing arts


Matt Enos

Matt Enos is a founder and co-artistic director of Jubilee Theatre (2007). He holds a DEC in Professional Theatre from Dawson College (Graduated with Distinction) and an MA in Classical Theatre – Acting from Kingston University (London, U.K.). With Jubilee Theatre, he has produced and performed leading roles in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf (Central/Eastern Canada Tour, 2008), Never Swim Alone and Faustmaschine (London, 2011). Matt also performed in A Hero Of Our Time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2011). He performs regularly as an improviser at Théâtre Ste. Catherine (Montréal), and has taught drama to children of all ages. His experiences as a performer and teacher have informed an artistic process which combines acting technique, physical exploration and a keen sense of play. He conducts workshops in tandem with artist Anna Springate-Floch.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Matt’s professional practice is characterized by creating stories firmly rooted in physical and vocal dynamism, vulnerability and human connection. His work explores the power dynamics of human relationships and the moments of truth and vulnerability inherent in engaging theatre. His workshop experiences with physical-based companies such as Moon Fool (England) and The Other Theatre (Montréal) trained him to develop stories through non-verbal improvisations, while his work with British actors in The Rose Theatre’s production of As You Like It helped him develop reliable vocal techniques to perform complex classical texts with clarity and control. Matt has assimilated and passed on these techniques in his substitute teaching in high school Drama and English classes. This passion for relaying techniques for effective story telling is what characterizes Matt.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Elementary (Grades 3, 4, 5, 6)
Secondary (Secondary I, Il, III, IV, V)

Back to basics: storytelling 101

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce students to the fundamentals of Western story telling (including character development and story arc) in a playful and fun manner. The creative objectives are primarily to assist students to be open and reactive listeners onstage using the improvisation principle of "always say yes," and ensuring that students are having fun while they are hitting all of the major marks of the story. The workshop will begin with warm-up games designed to make participants laugh and to get their blood and imaginations pumping. Students will be guided through improvisational games and exercises that focus on being generous to one another and saying "yes" to each other’s creative input. Students will create short skits in small groups to be presented to the other groups at the end of the workshop. Participants may write/devise their own story with the assistance of Anna and Matt, or they may work from the framework of one of the stories that will be provided to them. Stories are fun for all ages, which is why this workshop can be adapted for all levels.

Workshop 2

Elementary (Grades 3, 4, 5, 6)
Secondary (Secondary I, Il, III, IV, V)

The body: mask and movement

This workshop is designed to bring students’ attention to body language in relation to theatre through the use of masks. After some warm-up games, students will use masks with basic facial expressions in order to develop characters and tell stories using their bodies. They will explore various masks until they have found a physical vocabulary for the facial expressions. At this point they will find the counter mask, or the facial expression that is the opposite of their mask, and they will try adapting that body language in order to give their characters more complexity. Students will be guided to find masks with their own bodies, without the use of an external mask. The creative objectives of this workshop are to strengthen ensemble work while allowing students to inhabit their bodies, giving them power to control what they are projecting. This workshop is about playing and about trusting one’s physical instinct on stage. It is about developing trust between actors.


Workshop 3

Secondary (Secondary I, Il, III, IV, V)

Decoding Shakespeare: from page to stage

This workshop serves to give students the tools to make Shakespearean text come alive when reading it. Using the methods of Sir Peter Hall, Anna and Matt will teach students how iambic pentameter and the rhythm inherent in Shakespeare’s writing can inform the mood and tempo of a scene. The workshop will start with warm-up games. It will then progress to a basic explanation of how Shakespeare’s plays work in a performance context, the emphasis of rhythmic structure, the use of each word’s meaning and sound, the intention and pace necessary to make it sound like heightened but realistic speech and the importance of punctuation in discovering intention and urgency.

Special conditions

We require a space large enough to allow students to move around freely and to work in small groups.

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