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Maureen (Moe) Clark

Performing arts
Spoken word, singing, looping pedal


Maureen (Moe) Clark

Métis multidisciplinary artist Moe Clark fuses performance narrative with traditions of circle singing and spoken word. Her debut album “Circle of She: Story & Song” (April 2008) touredCanada,BrazilandBelgium. Her first book of bilingual poetry was published through Maelstrom Press in May 2013. Highlight performances include the 2010 IDEA World Congress: Art for Social Change (Brazil), 2013 & 2009 Maelström ReÉvolution Poétique Fiéstival inBelgiumand the 2012 Aboriginal Music Week inManitoba. Moe is a sought-after public speaker with feature talks at TEDXMontréal (May 2012) and the Olympic Summer Games inLondon,U.K.(July 2012). In 2013, she directed the 10th Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Her professional work weaves together with her educational work, merging writing, spoken word and contemporary performance.

Proposed approach and type of activities

With a background in voice, spoken word and visual arts, Moe discovered spoken word through a performance by beat legend Sheri-D Wilson and was hooked immediately. Adding a looping pedal to her performances, Moe combines personal narrative with circle singing. Inspired by storytelling, poetry, and various musical styles, Moe’s work provokes, inspires and educates audiences about themes of ancestry, history, the natural world and reclamation of voice. Never silent, she is involved in various groups and social movements, but constantly supports youth-based literacy and expression initiatives, the advancement of Aboriginal peoples’ voices in society and the creation of accessible spaces for decolonizing our talk. Her poetic songs resonate with the power to heal, to celebrate spirit and to connect with authentic purpose.


Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Secondary (Secondary I, II, III, IV, V)

I lost my talk – I found my talk

This workshop will allow students to explore social pressures, peer pressure, bullying and parental pressures experienced in their lives through poetic prompts, freewrite, video samples and a talking circle. Using the video sample of Saul Williams performing “Amethyst Rocks” from the movie “Slam” as well as Rita Joe’s “I Lost My Talk” poem, we will discuss the third way out of a situation where pressures exist. Alter a short personal visualization, asking students to bring themselves back to a moment where they experienced pressure From an external source or “Lost their talk”, students will freewrite, using short prompts From Rita Joe’s poem. To conclude the texts, we will then discuss and write about moments where we “Found our talk”. In a circle, students will be invited to share their work. or potentially split into groups to perform their work collaboratively, using special vocal effects, movement, silence, etc. Use to the looping pedal, microphone and recording of their sharing may also be included in an extended session.

Workshop 2

Elementary (Grades 5 and 6)
Secondary (Secondary I, II, III, IV, V)

Spoken word: speak up – from the page to the stage

This workshop will introduce students to spoken-word poetry, writing their own work and performing it. We start with a discussion of what spoken word is not, to demystify preoccupations, then show video samples from Louder than a Bomb, Brave New Voices or YouTube clips of youth performing spoken word. Moe may also perform a piece of her work. Students will then be invited to answer questions and make a list about where they come from. This is a low-risk exercise, drawing from students’ personal lives and experiences, but engaging them in a way that is poetic. From here, students share with a partner, interviewing one another about their lists. Often, similarities exist. We then edit our responses into a poetic form. Video samples are shown to demonstrate how this can be done. Finally, students are invited to begin working their writing into a performance-based reading, marking up their pages with coloured pens and indications on voice, tone, volume, pitch, silence and other performance devices. A hand-out of these devices will be offered early in the class while watching other videos so they get an idea of how they are used in performance.

Workshop 3

Elementary (Grades 5 and 6)
Special education (Preschool and elementary)
Secondary (Secondary I, II, III, IV, V)
Special education (Secondary)

Voicing the Earth body + circle song

Working with choirs, music classes and theatre students, this workshop is the perfect introduction to improvisational and alternative use of our voices with a heightened awareness to listening through the body. We begin with an opening exercise on the floor. Ample space required. Students will tone and move sounds of varying qualities (thick, bubbly, long, staggered, agitated) through their body, from their toes to their heads. Then, moving around the room, students are invited to explore how sound and movement play together as they cross the space responding to prompts such as spiralling, gliding, crawling, etc. Then, in a circle format, students are invited to further activate their listening abilities by offering a sound into the circle that everyone repeats. One by one we go through this process of trickle sound effects. Finally, we move into circle singing, where Moe starts by guiding the circle in four separate groups of song/sound-making, each part harmonizing and interlocking with the next. Students will be invited to step into this circle and improvise on top or lead a new rendition of the circle singing exercises.

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