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Louise Campbell

Performing arts


Louise Campbell

Clarinettist Louise Campbell performs works in genres ranging from classical and contemporary to klezmer and swing, and practices improvisation in a variety of styles. Her specializations include commissioning new works, cross-disciplinary creation, works in situ and outreach and audience development. Career highlights include collaborating on and performing music for New Circus by Valerie Dean and Don Rieder (2013), writing and performing music for film director Jeanette Pope (Festival du nouveau cinéma 2011, Cannes 2009); and the creation of reeds, a cross-disciplinary site-specific work based on birdsong (Sound Symposium 2010). Louise is co-founder of the ln Extensio ensemble and chair of the Canadian New Music Network's outreach committee.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Louise Campbell is a clarinettist, pedagogue and arts advocate. As a performer, Louise seeks to interrogate and renew the traditional concert format while fostering the creation of new works. As a pedagogue, Louise teaches through experiential learning so that students learn and understand by doing. Following her conviction that everyone can make music, she brings together her passion for performing and teaching by developing outreach programs that revolve around participatory music making. Louise leads workshops in improvisation, singing and movement for the public at Iarge and musicians of all ages.

Other examples of activities

Workshop 1

Playing the music game: Unplugged!

Objective: performance by students of a work in the Game genre. Requirements: band and/or orchestral instruments. This workshop facilitates improvisation through the Game genre, a genre that defines musical play according to rules that govern interaction of the musicians. A score indicates motifs and the rules of the game. The result is a work that is instantly recognizable and different and unique each time it is played. The specific score played will be adjusted to the students' ability. The lesson plan includes introduction to styles and key concepts of improvised music (form, dynamics, orchestration, composition, etc.), introduction of a score, brainstorm options for improvisation and rehearsing and performing the score by students. This workshop is for music classes in which band and orchestral instruments are played. Duration of the workshop is 1–3 hours, with repeat visits focusing on more sophisticated scores. Class sizes of 35 students are possible.

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