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Iris Lindsay
Fodé Bangoura

Performing arts


Iris Lindsay and Fodé Bangoura

Iris Lindsay has been playing traditional African music for 8 years. She regularly takes part in training and intensive courses given by renowned professional artists, in particular in djembe (drum) and African dance. After traveling to Africa to improve her artistic and musical knowledge, the musician made it her mission to help young people discover the heart of West African culture through local songs, music, dance and instruments. Ms. Lindsay has taken part in several events and performances, and is currently preparing a show for the big stage with Yéba, a group that she helped form.

Fodé Bangoura was born in Conakry, Guinea. At age six, he made his debut on the djembe within the Bassikolo Private Ballet. Three years later, he was a percussionist for the Konkouré Bamba Ballet, which led him to travel throughout Guinea. At age ten, he began his professional training under master dancer Bangali Bangoura and Fatou Abou Camara, his djembe master. He was a member of the Djoliba Ballet for 15 years as a dancer and a percussionist. On a regular basis, the artist gives performances intended for the general public and a young public, in addition to teaching djembe and dance.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Travel to West Africa with Yéba!

The artists want to introduce students to the culture of West Africa through dance, songs and rhythms. In groups of under 30, the class is divided in two, with some preferring dance and others playing percussion instruments. One artist will propose dance movements to her group, while the other will help students familiarize themselves with the rhythms associated with these dance movements. The African drums will be provided. The high point of the workshop is when the two groups join together in a spectacular show. With groups of 30 and over, the artists propose songs that allow participants to become acquainted with various traditional instruments and to learn dance movements or traditional songs in the Soussou language. In addition, they can ask questions about the various elements of African culture and musical instruments.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the rental of musical instruments at a cost of $60 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Iris Lindsay
Phone : 418 523-1902
Other phone : 418 956-6387
Fax : 418 525-5753
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