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André Pijet

Visual arts


André Pijet

André Pijet was born in Poland. After studying fine arts and photography, he travelled around the world, finally setting his drawing table down on Québec soil, from where he continues to contribute to international publications (Greece, Poland, Belgium, Italy, etc.). In Canada, his talent as a caricaturist was revealed in the drawings that he did for a major Montréal daily (La Presse) during the 1993 and 1994 hockey playoffs. His astonishing repertoire of wit allows him to be sarcastic, funny, ferocious or tender, irresistible, never conventional, and always original. In addition to his dedication to caricature, he collaborates regularly with advertising agencies and publishing houses, for which he has designed countless logos, posters, publicity material, illustrations and book covers. He has numerous exhibitions to his credit as well as the publication of six comic books. André Pijet has received many international awards.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Because of his professional experience and passion, Andre Pijet is able to present caricature theoretically and practically.

  • Introduction to the history of caricature.
  • Presentation of different aspects of the profession of cartoonist.
  • Explanatory introduction to live caricature, editorial cartoon and humour drawing.
  • Introduction to the National and International Festivals & Salons of Cartoons and Humor drawings as an artistic evaluation of cartoonist work and professionalism.
  • The importance of satirical image as a tool in the fight against abusive politics and social inequalities in the world.
  • Comics as a different form of satirical comment on important political and social issues.

Examples of activities

  • Drawing live caricatures in the classroom of the teacher and students.
  • Creating posters dealing with environmental protection and other subjects, according to the suggestions or interests of students.
  • Exercises for flexible hand in order to be able to draw smoothly and with confidence.
  • Creating a cartoon concerning a topic of interest to the teacher or the students.
  • The main rules of composition for cartoons and caricatures.
  • The construction of the caricature according to the various stages, involving each student under the artist's supervision.
  • Quiz, in the classroom. Students will try to guess whose caricature the artist will draw by watching him draw the different parts of the face.

Special conditions

The workshop requires a drawing board for the artist, as well as pencils and paper for the participants.

For information

André Pijet
Phone : 514 286-5445
Other phone : 514 237-1713
Email :

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