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Geneviève Labbé

Performing arts
Song and Composition


Geneviève Labbé

Geneviève Labbé, singer-songwriter, has been performing her songs live for 10 years. A large part of her work is for audiences of ages 5–12. In 2008 she released the album Sous un même Soleil, a collection of songs promoting peace. The album has been used in many schools and an English version was recently produced. In 2010 she created Vox-planète, a series or songs developed around the theme of sustainable development. The music includes many unique sounds created using instruments made from recycled materials. Geneviève has presented her shows to young audiences in central Québec, Montréal, Toronto, Rimouski, Québec City, and India. She also teaches singing and is preparing an album for adults slated for a 2012 release. Geneviève is a recipient of CCA and CALQ grants.

Many of Geneviève’s songs were actually composed during musical workshops with children. She is a bilingual globetrotter who writes songs in both French and English. With wide-ranging experience entertaining and educating children from diverse cultural backgrounds, she draws inspiration from various musical styles, including African and South American influences. Geneviève aims to create songs respectful of children’s natural voice and spontaneity. She uses singing and vocal improvisation and creates rhythms using beat-box vocal percussion to produce vibrant songs based on themes the children themselves propose. She also helps participants produce a musical accompaniment using instruments she has made, natural objects, and percussion instruments from a variety of countries to complement her guitar and piano. In the classroom she uses a portable studio.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Children who take this workshop experience the joy of creating their own song. The activity addresses various competencies, builds an increased openness to the world, and helps develop self-esteem. The workshop typically comprises two 60 minute sessions, but it is possible to create a song in a single session. The song is recorded on a CD.

Students choose a theme, which is shared with the artist in advance.

  1. The artist helps children develop an awareness of the various vocal and instrumental sounds they can create.
  2. The class explores a text: defines the emotions, brain-storms key-words, and lists ideas to be expressed.
  3. The class is the divided into 4 groups. Each group becomes responsible for writing part of the lyrics using a range of literary devices (imagery, rhymes, associations, etc.). The text and structures of the song is finalized with the whole class.
  4. Vocal improvisation promoting the expression of emotions, and the choice of a musical style (latin, funky, blues, jazz, pop, etc.) follow.
  5. The accompanying music is then composed using the options described in section 4 of this application.

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Geneviève Labbé
Phone : 819 357-5168
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Kindergarten, Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6

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