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Anne Lalancette

Performing arts
Puppetry - Puppet-making


Anne Lalancette

I believe the puppet is one of the best forms of expression for connecting with theatre, TV, film or online audiences. Puppetry has the power to touch people, to make them laugh and cry. There are few taboos and few limits in terms of space and movement, and the form is easily adaptable to various themes, and often surprising. Recent years have seen a renewed enthusiasm for the long-neglected art of puppetry. My goal is to introduce aspiring young artists to a multifaceted, colourful art form that makes such significant contributions to both the visual and the performing arts.

I was trained and mentored by renowned artists including Francine Côté, James Keylon, Peter Balkwill, and Patrick Conan. In 2006 I founded a puppet company called Princesse Patate and created a show, Le Grand Cirque Minuscule, that I performed in schools, libraries, festivals, and events on the island of Montréal, at the Cervantino Festival, and at the bicentennial of Mexican independence. I was a co-creator of The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan which was launched in 2008 by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop and toured some of the top Canadian venues. For a few years now I have been giving puppetry and puppet-making workshops in specialized centers, schools, and universities in Montréal, Calgary, Whitehorse, and Mexico.

Proposed approach and type of activities

My workshop offers elementary and high school students the opportunity to explore the art of puppetry. We will first look at every type of puppets we can find (finger, hand, mouth, string, rod, bunraku, fragmented body, robotic, giant, microscopic, object, shadow, mask, etc.). We will then move to a few warm-up exercises to help better understand the work of the puppeteer (transfer, isolation, axis, focus, rhythm, walk). The next step is to build puppets out of simple materials—newspaper and masking tape. Here students will have to use ingenuity to create puppets flexible, strong, and durable enough for our purposes. A period of improvisation with the paper puppets will provide an opportunity to learn to use them to their full potential. Finally, students will work in pairs to create a short performance and present it to the class. We will conclude with a little chat about what everyone has experienced and discovered through the exercise.

Other examples of activities

  • Make finger puppets out of wool gloves.
  • Make mouth and rod puppets from socks and cardboard boxes.
  • Make traditional Indonesian shadow puppets (Wayang Kulit).
  • Make giant puppets using the contents of the recycling bin, and then hold a parade in the school or the neighbourhood streets.
  • Stage a play with the puppets students have made in class.
  • Create a music video with home-made puppets on popsicle sticks.
  • Create a short video with bag puppets (Garin-Trousseboeuf).

Special conditions

Newspaper and masking tape (about $10 per group).

For information

Anne Lalancette
Phone : 514 649-5043
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