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Patricia Warnock

Performing arts


Patricia Warnock

Since 2005 this “contesse” or storyteller has performed all around Québec and Ontario. She has been featured at a storytelling festival, Les jours sont contés en Estrie, since 2008, and taken part in numerous cultural activities and festivals throughout Québec.

For years Warnock has been enriching her repertoire with her own creations based on real-life experiences. An active member of Le Regroupement du conte au Québec (RCQ) and Storytellers of Canada (SC–CC), she is active in both the French- and English-Canadian storytelling scenes. She is often called upon to present storytelling shows and workshops in schools, where she also works as an aide for students with learning difficulties.

Storytelling is a very accessible medium. When we pass on a story or a life experience in a personal manner it becomes more universal. Story transmission creates a direct link between generations, languages, cultures, and social classes: it opens lines of communication between people through the imagination, creating an interaction between them that transcends differences. As a storyteller I have always endeavoured to collect family stories or stories typical of certain cultures in order to discover their differences, but above all to succeed in bringing out their universality. This universality is what makes it possible for people of different backgrounds and languages to share ideas and communicate.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The workshop proposed here is storytelling and writing for English, second language students in French-language schools. By listening to storytelling, students will be exposed to and made aware of the subtleties of a second language and work on the four foundational skills in second language learning—reading, writing, listening comprehension, and oral production.

In class, the storyteller will lead the students toward a reflection on what storytelling is and how they can create a story. By drawing on well-known examples, a new story will be created by adapting a well-known story to serve as an easy stepping stone between two languages. The storyteller’s goal is to use her art to stimulate communication and interaction between cultures, languages, and generations. An ethos of collaboration and non-judgemental idea-sharing will be maintained.

Writing a collective story stimulates not only students’ imaginations but also their desire to express themselves orally in English. The process of writing their own story is crucial: it enables students to appropriate both the medium of storytelling and their second language through an entertaining activity in a relaxed setting.

Other examples of activities

  • Writing stories in small groups, in-class: Develops students’ oral expression, spirit of collaboration, and English writing skills.
  • Individual writing activities for more advanced students: Use grammar and vocabulary and practice “thinking in English.”
  • Oral presentations, individually or in small groups: Master the fundamentals of oral and gestural language necessary for the transmission of a story.

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Patricia Warnock
Phone : 819 839-3606
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Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5

Available in

Capitale-Nationale, Estrie, Montréal, Montérégie, Laval, Centre-du-Québec

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