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Artists at school


Liliane Gagnon
Jacques Baril

Visual arts


Liliane Gagnon

Coming out of the Arts Appliqués school, I studied under Madeleine Arbour, Suzanne Dumouchel, and Guy Boulizon, and was drawn early on to my subject: the raw and natural materials available in common objects made and shaped not only by humans but also by time, weather, animals, and nature. This approach led me quite naturally to art fairs. I have presented my work at large art fairs (Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, etc.), exhibiting wherever the wind has taken me and entering numerous competitions. Over time I have also discovered a growing interest in miniature art, eventually becoming a miniaturist. While not especially widespread, this art form is very accessible to the general public and particularly to the people for whom I seem to have created a small universe.

My artistic approach was shaped more by the vagaries of life than a conscious career choice: life dropped me into the heart of silent nature where a trail led me to a land of limestone forms, roots and bark. Over the years I have found objects lost in time and washed by the waves of lake—maybe in search of my own too-often mislaid nature. I have explored the universe of art like an archaeologist seeking to interpret life through the objects found in her path. Up to now, I have worked with engraving, assemblage, and braiding, changing the nature of the objects through my own creation.  The notion of time always influences my work and I let this path lead me.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Our workshop is called The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me. Our approach draws on two mediums: students use painting or sculpture to tell the story of the happy event or memorable moment that constitutes their fondest memory. We can adapt the workshop to take more or less time. And as all these happy moments are used to design the final work, the positive energy unleashed suffuses the entire school. As artists from two different universes—Jacques in the monumental, and I in the miniature—each of us benefits from the fresh perspective the other brings. We have partnered up for this project because we both bring a vision and a facet of our experience that is easily passed on in our exchange with budding artists.

Other examples of activities

I design sculptural work focusing on a surface, fashioning a kind of net out of linear materials (branches, bamboo poles, alder, metal stems, etc.) which blends harmoniously into the space available at the participating school. This form may take a variety of shapes, from 2D murals to 3D  creations like cubes and cylinders. I can provide materials or we can find usable items in the school. The basic shape is something resembling a chain link fence, rich in empty spaces and interstices where the students make their work, either by painting on canvases tailored to the spaces or sculpting shapes for each empty space. Students work individually or in groups on the theme—The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me—filling up every space and in the process creating a large art work that can later be mounted on a wall or suspended in a suitable place in the school.

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