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Ana Rewakowicz

Visual arts


Ana Rewakowicz

I am an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland now living and working in Montréal. I hold a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design and an MFA from Concordia University (2001). For over ten years I have worked with inflatable objects, exploring relations between temporal and portable architecture, the body, and the environment. My art cuts across multiple disciplines such as invention, design, architecture, and performance. I have shown nationally and internationally.

The issue that concerns me the most is the need for increased interdisciplinarity to deal with the most pressing problems of our time, and how an artist’s perspective can enrich wider discourse around to these problems. My own work deals with the immediate challenge of how to fabricate meaningful human spaces in the face of dwindling resources, environmental catastrophe, and social displacement. I am inspired in equal measure by the visionary work of Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and modern inventors like Buckminster Fuller, who fused an imaginative sensibility with technical invention.

Proposed approach and type of activities

All structures in nature, from the molecular level to raindrops to soap bubbles, are round. Round shapes dominate both the natural environment and the body. In the Inflatable workshop we will look at the world of bubbles. We analyze how bubbles interact with each other and imitate the various ways they interact. For example, we make inflatable “bubbles” and wear them as an extension of the outer layer of our bodies; we make “bubbles” as shelters inside which we can and hide and sleep; create “bubbles” to have a conversation with; or simply round objects that can grow and shrink, bump into rigid things, transform, stretch, expand, and float. We examine ideas and discuss why we live in a world full of cubes, and engage in an active process of creating our own worlds and having fun. Class activities involve creating differently shaped round objects using plastic materials (including recycling plastic shopping bags) and packing tape. To inflate these objects we will use a variety of fans such as recycled computer fans or hair blowers.

Other examples of activities

1. Draw people on paper, cut them out, and insert them into balloons. We then inflate the balloons and talk about the meaning of the people inside the “bubbles.”

2. In winter we use balloons to spray water outside, creating an array of ice structures. After the water freezes we deflate the balloons and observe the ice sculptures created.

3. We work with used plastic bags and tape them together to create a large balloon. We then inflate it outside and make it float. We also discuss issues of garbage and environment.

4. We work with used plastic bags to create various inflatable costumes, which we wear to create performance pieces. We bump into each other and different objects. We create different combinations and patterns by holding hands. We create soap bubbles and observe how they connect. We talk about the relationship between people and their environment.

5. Using clear plastic recycled containers and packing tape we build individual modules/shelters where we can rest and sleep. We join them together to create a community. We move from one to another. We talk about the relationship between individual and community.

Special conditions

These activities require small fans and rechargeable batteries. For a group of 30 students this means around $80 for fans and approximately $50 for batteries and chargers. Note that this is a one-time cost: fans and rechargeable batteries can be reused multiple times.

For information

Ana Rewakowicz
Phone : 514 509-8066
Email :

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Laval, Montréal

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French, Polish, Ukrainian

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