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Melanie Garcia

Visual arts
Print media - Collage


Melanie Garcia

In her series of prints, Melanie Garcia places unclothed store mannequins into images of rooms from architectural magazines. Akin to life-drawing models, these mannequins maintain a level of malleability in terms of emotion and narrative. They also, however, emphasize the artificiality of the perfection sought for both body and space in contemporary culture. Melanie Garcia holds a BFA in Film Production from Concordia. She lives and works in Montreal. When not obsessing over pixels she freelances in film, video, and fashion.

Proposed approach and type of activities

 I would like to propose a workshop using photoshop where students can assemble different elements to create an imagined or fantastical scene. Ideally prior to the workshop the students would be briefed that material be brought for the activity. Primary source can be images from the internet, magazine images or personal photographs/artwork that can be scanned into the computer. I would also like to touch upon the ideas of images in magazines of models/bodies being retouched images and not représentations of reality, as someone who also works in the field of fashion, i have seen first hand the amount of work and alteration that goes into final printed images. This is an activity in which the students will each finish one digital collage that they have composed themselves, in which i will guide them through the technical aspects.

Another activity I propose is to do the analog version of the digital montage. The classic collage : In which source materials that should be gathered prior to the workshop can be from many sources of print media, (magazines, newspapers), paper materials (wrapping paper, tissue paper, coloured paper) other flat or textured materials (plastics, vellum, bubble wrap, sand paper). The students will be engaged in a workshop that encourages them to create representational or non representational montages that also questions what kind of meaning simple materials can bring to a work when placed in a specific visual context.

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Melanie Garcia
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