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Kathryn Delaney

Visual arts
Painting - Printmaking


Kathryn Delaney

I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Print Media from Concordia University and a Bachelor in Studio Arts. I have achieved recognition as a professional artist for outstanding work in printmaking by Conseil Québécois de l’Estampe (Jeune Estampe du Québec Award), and my work has been exhibited in galleries and artist run centres for over a decade. I have a broad experience in culture and visual language applications in Montreal and Nunavik. I wrote a documentary, Uluits, Champions of the North, aired on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) as a TV series. In 2009 and 2011 I facilitated original storybook-making workshops with Inuit women artists in Inukjuak and Ivujivik. I have led 9 creative storybook-making workshops at Nuvviti School entitled the Self-Portrait Dream Book Project.

My artistic practice has a strong personal and social narrative; I use a hands-on approach in my art-making and collaborative art projects. Culture, diversity, and shared histories within communities inspire my creative expression.  My work explores ideas around the human social condition and human rights; specifically, I have explored the concept of the “other” in our society from my viewpoint as a woman. My public and domestic interactions contain the seeds of an endless process of art making. As a print media artist I appreciate the process of repetition essential in my practice. I favor a multi-disciplinary approach.

Proposed approach and type of activities

My approach establishes an inclusive atmosphere to inspire good communication and trust. I offer students access to the creative process involved in art making and personal expression. The Self-Portrait Dream Book Project is a visual storytelling activity designed to facilitate students’ creative exploration around personal identity through group discussion of ideas and hands-on visual arts activities. Students discover how our own personal stories and histories often connect to larger social and cultural communities and concerns. Students will be asked to imagine visual images that represent their past, present, and future selves.

Self-Portrait Dream Book can be adapted to the specific needs and abilities of students from elementary to high school.  One great advantage of this project is it demands a bare minimum of art supplies—paper and pencil crayons. The Self-Portrait Dream Book can be made in all shapes and sizes using any paper-based artistic medium such as ink, watercolor, acrylic paint, and stencil printmaking. In a few sessions the students see tangible, sometimes amazing results. I enjoy working in bilingual (English/French) and multicultural environments.

Other examples of activities

Activities will be organized in three to five creative sessions. Session one is a hands-on activity: participants make a simple Japanese accordion book out of paper. The second session consists of interactive group exercises to help awaken students’ imaginations using personally significant images and words. In the third session students learn how to create a storyboard that expresses their visual stories using art materials and some texts. A fourth session gives students the opportunity to begin work on their own Dream Book, and a fifth session gives them time to complete their storybooks and share the final results with their classmates through an oral presentation and an exhibition at their school. Other collaborations can consist of new forms of self-expression using different themes (e.g., Dream up a new world. What will my (our) future look like? Imagine the people you admire and the person you want to become.).

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Kathryn Delaney
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