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François-André Ouimet

Performing arts
Musical creation in movement


François-André Ouimet

François Ouimet has a Master' s degree in choral conducting and a Bachelor' s degree in jazz guitar. His career as a conductor has led him to work with groups of all ages. He has worked extensively with youth in musical camps, day-care centres and schools throughout the Montréal and Laurentian regions. He conducts two renowned choirs in Montréal, Tactus and Les Voix Ferrées. Mr. Ouimet sings and plays professionally and teaches singing, guitar, and the history of music.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Over the years, François Ouimet has developed a workshop involving musical creation in movement. His approach combines musical and choreographical elements in a playful and exploratory way. The workshop is suited to students in music or dance as well as to those who do not have an artistic background. Depending on the group, the workshop's level of difficulty can be adapted. The musical elements used are singing, body drumming and, in some cases, sound exploration with various objects. The dance elements are loosely related to contemporary dance and martial arts; the gestures are used to reinforce the musical content or to clarity the structure of the piece. Starting with a basic canvas, the group can participate in the creation of a simple piece. The final result may be compared to gumboots, for instance. The pedagogy used is instinctive and based on years of experience. Positive reinforcement, rigor and enthusiasm are important elements of Mr. Ouimet's pedagogy.

Examples of activities

  • Mr. Ouimet provides the groups with a simple rhythmic pattern to be executed with hands on thighs. After evaluating the level of each student, he divides the participants into three well-balanced groups and continues with rhythmic rounds. If time and the number of meetings permit, each group choreographs its rhythm in its own way. Together, the groups then elaborate a piece with a simple structure, including a beginning and an ending. The piece may then be executed somewhere in the school or outdoors (optional).
  • The teacher communicates with Mr. Ouimet and asks him to prepare a workshop including objects such as spoons, keys, umbrellas. The activity becomes a collective creation involving movement, rhythm, and manipulation of these objects. This type of workshop can later be integrated as part of a larger performance. The difficulty of the activity is adapted to the level of the participants and the number of meetings.

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François-André Ouimet
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