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Artists at school


Jacques Clément

Visual arts


Jacques Clément

Jacques Clément has a Bachelor of Arts from UQAM. Since 1982, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions at artist-run centres, cultural centres and university galleries in Québec and Ontario. The artist has given several conferences and demonstrations of various drawing and painting techniques. A professor at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montréal, he helps students discover their own means of expressing themselves and improving their vision of art.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Understanding the creative process by working collectively to create a colour mosaic mural

Divided into two parts, the workshop aims to encourage students to experiment with their creativity. During the first part, which is devoted to individual expression, each student paints a piece of cardboard measuring 16 x 20 inches with gouache. These works will then be cut into four equal parts. The individual pieces will be shuffled and then redistributed to all of the participants. Students will then have the task of putting them together like a puzzle. The second part is geared to the group dynamic. The young people will have to decide as a group how they wish to put together and structure the elements to build the mural. By discussing their experience and the visual impact obtained, they learn to understand the creative process while opening up new horizons.

Examples of activities

Lasting two hours, the workshop unfolds in the following manner:

  • a Bristol board measuring 16” x 20” is given to each student;
  • participants use the colour yellow to create a drawing (10min);
  • the drawings are then collected and cut into two equal pieces measuring 16” x 10”;
  • two different pieces are redistributed to each participant;
  • young people are asked to create a structured drawing using the two different drawings received, by using the colour red (10 min);
  • the drawings are once again collected and cut into four equal pieces measuring 16” x 5”;
  • four different pieces are redistributed to students, who must unify them with the colour blue (10 min);
  • all of the pieces measuring 16” x 5” are put on the floor and then mixed;
  • as a team, participants must discuss and exchange ideas to juxtapose and superimpose all of the 16” x 5” pieces with a view to forming a homogenous mural based on the existing lines, form and colours;
  • at the very end, the young people use the colour black to unify and structure the work;
  • ideally, the mural should be placed in a strategic location to promote discussion and exchanges.

Special conditions

The workshop requires various non-reusable materials.

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Jacques Clément
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