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Diane Gonthier

Craft and design


Diane Gonthier

Drawing inspiration from time-honoured Mongolian nomadic traditions, the one-of-a-kind large-format wool felt creations of Diane Gauthier are meant to be an extension of the trade of shepherdess and fulfill her need to be in contact with fibre, from start to finish. The exploration of this material, which is rich in colour and texture, is an endless source of discoveries : "flying carpets" with inlays of tufts of hair from races of endangered sheep, murals – textile creations that resemble aquarelles –, warm fabrics, seamless marionettes … In addition to cultivating the precious link between interior design (carpets, murals, fabrics...) and handicrafts, the artist would like to see felt, which is characterized by its dramatic presence, witness a growth in popularity in the performing arts field. The enormous power of attraction of the large-format creations of Diane Gauthier serves as an invitation to touch the material, the very fibre of her works. Truly an experience for the senses!

Proposed approach and type of activities

Diane Gonthier has a vivid memory of the time when she discovered this unknown free inner space, which is the personal creative power. Visiting this space periodically taught her the notion of pure wealth and fueled her desire to communicate (sharing her treasures ...). The cognition and recognition of this personal ability to create undoubtedly ensures self-esteem and trust that you have something to bring to the world. This is quite essential for every child who eventually will have challenges to take up. While the artist was working in summer camps, she was fascinated by the fact that when children have access to a "new space", they have a chance to take a new look at their own abilities. It is this concept of a "new space" that the artist intends to re-create in the classroom. In a society where everything is weighed and controlled, the expression of our imagination with such a warm medium as wool becomes a new, strong and secure experience.

Examples of activities

A cloud in my hands – Primary schools (1st and 2nd cycles)

An encounter with the untransformed wool medium and its magical property to felt!

  • AM: Creations of different small felted objects (balls...).
  • PM: Safe dyeing "games" involving the felt that was made and creation of a collective mobile!

From the sheep's wool to a finished product – Primary schools (3rd cycle) and high schools

A creative textile process where “the whole” turns out to be more than the sum of its parts!

  • AM: “l create”: From a sketch linked to a chosen theme, with carded wool and felting needle, a pictorial form will emerge.
  • PM: “WE create”: Inspired by the old “patchwork” concept, the student will create a unique mosaic by bringing together in one large piece all the forms created individually. This will be felted the traditional way (friction + humidity) in a real cooperative effort!

Creative felt, as a new medium for the performance arts
– High schools

Inspirational workshop for costumes and decor making!

  • AM: Introduction to the wool medium and to the steps involved in making felt in different forms.
  • PM: Team game centering on making creative use of felt's potential.

Special conditions

The artist is available from October to June. The following items will be needed for the workshop: carded and coloured wool, sponges, as well as needles and soap for felting at a maximum cost of $100 per day.

For information

Diane Gonthier
Phone : 819 425-5688
Fax : 819 425-5688
Email :

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