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Thoma Ewen
Gabriel Ewen Phillips

Visual arts
Tapestry weaving


The Vision Weave Project. Moon Rain Centre

Thoma Ewen has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria and continued her studies in tapestry in Finland and at the Banff Centre in British Columbia. She has received numerous awards and bursaries, including a Grand Prix d’excellence at the IVes Jeux de la Francophonie. She has also obtained grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec on several occasions. Her tapestries have been presented at numerous locations across Canada and abroad and are found in several collections. Some of her creations have been incorporated into architectural works. Gabriel Ewen Philips, an artist who specializes in textiles, has exhibited her creations and has hosted workshops on the innovative use of traditional techniques.

Since 1999 the two artists have been working together on school and community projects centering on weaving and textile art activities. Their original ideas and projects de-mystify weaving and enable children to develop their skills, to create works and to express themselves via this art. Having a combined experience of over 40 years in the tapestry and textile field, the artists founded and head the Moon Rain Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to the integration, exhibition and teaching of weaving and textile arts in the community.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Re-weaving our culture

Weaving is an ancient and sacred tradition. Practiced by almost all peoples around the globe, it touches a facet of knowledge that is deeply rooted in the spirit of each person. Indeed, weaving has a calming effect, particularly among children, in addition to being a creative intercultural tool for students. The goal of each workshop is to establish a link between young people and the incredibly rich heritage of our ancestors. During the activity, each student will create a small tapestry on a weaving machine, exploring in a creative manner basic weaving, the mixing of colours, textures and fibres, culture, history, geography, and the fusion of art and handicrafts. Participants will be asked to weave their own vision of the future, the community and the Earth. Through the wisdom of aboriginal weavers, students will learn that weaving is one of the modern-day paths to peace.

Examples of activities

Weave the 5 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit

In this tapestry workshop, each student weaves a small tapestry on their own frame loom, creatively exploring basic weaving techniques, colour blending, textures and fibres; heritage, culture, history and geography; and the fusion of art and craft.

Family History Weaving

Students weave a story of their family and/or community using fabrics that have personal or family significance. This project transforms the family rag-bin into woven works of art.

The Collective Cloth

A school community weaves its story using fabrics that have special significance to the individual members. This project creates a large woven art piece that is installed permanently in the school or community.

Hand Dying Techniques

Students create visual colour effects using dyes, brushes and fabric. We will explore the patterns resulting from folding, twisting and binding fabrics and applying dyes to create wearable art or fabric hangings.


During this project, each student creates a quilt section by using techniques associated with patchwork, embroidery or textile printing. The sections can be sown on a jacket or a bag, used for a flag or be framed like a work of art. They can also be put together to form a community quilt.

Special conditions

The workshop requires weaving machines and various specialized materials provided by the artists at an approximate cost of $100 per day.

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Thoma Ewen
Phone : 819 457-9711
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