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Artists at school


Marc Walter

Visual arts
Ephemeral art - environment


Marc Walter

Marc Walter is a French-Canadian professional visual artist. After ten years devoted to the creation of works using mixed techniques, he decided to specialize in in situ environmental art (nature art or "Land art") in 2004. He is credited with more than forty solo and group exhibitions presented in outdoor and indoor contexts during local, national and international events. In his creations, the artist makes exclusive use of materials taken from nature. Over the years, he has offered numerous directed activity and creation workshops in community and school settings. This work, which centers on the transmission of acquired knowledge, represents an important complement to the artist’s approach, allowing him to make known a. discipline which he considers a cause rather than merely an artistic current.  Marc Walter’s works are found in both private and public collections in North America and Europe.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Ephemeral works!

The goal of the workshop is to show students that it is possible to create ephemeral works of art by using simple natural elements that are easy to find in any environment. Students will develop their creativity and their ability to share and cooperate while producing a variety of ephemeral large scale drawings and installations using sand, snow, fruit, branches, leaves, rocks or any other natural elements available. The workshop can extend over a period of one to five days and include research, observation, creation, documentation and exhibition phases. Depending on the site, students will be asked to create their works outside (in situ) or inside the school. All projects foster the development of team work, creativity and critical analysis.

Examples of activities

Here are a few suggestions of potential projects, but everything can be adapted to the specific themes that the school or the class would like to work on.

The Dream Forest
After collecting all kinds of twigs and branches, the students will analyze and observe them before deciding on either a collective creation or an exhibition of individual works. Feathers, flowers, egg shells and fibres can be added. A project based on cooperation.

Always Bigger
Students will create giant outdoor artworks while exploring traces and constructions. The constant consciousness of the scale (organization of components, composition of the picture) and the coherence between intention and result will both be at the core of the project.

While limiting themselves to two or three natural elements, the students will have to create as many diverse artworks as possible. Exploration of ideas and gestures, interpretation depending on the context.

Dance and Visual Arts Exploration
With the help of a performing arts teacher, this project aims at integrating ephemeral visual arts elements in a dance choreography. Through dance, the body is able to produce visual creations, with materials becoming extensions of the body. The artist has had the opportunity to explore this practice on several occasions with dancers in both a professional and school-type context.

Suggested subjects that can be explored while linking the artistic project to the educational program
Visual arts, English (oral and written), Botany, Biology, Environment, Recycling, Ground analysis, Society, History, Philosophy, Architecture, Space, Constructions, Site analysis, Geography, Physical education, Mathematics, Geometry.

Special conditions

Depending on the length of the projects, the workshop may entail variable expenses associated with the use of tools and various materials for a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities.

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Marc Walter
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