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Artists at school


Christiane Claude

Performing arts


Christiane Claude

Christiane Claude has a Bachelor of Arts degree (concentration in theatre) from the University of Ottawa and studied mime at the Naropa Institute in Colorado, at the National Theatre School of Mime in Montréal as well as with Marcel Marceau. She has performed with the Théâtre des Lutins and participated in the Manotick Fringe Festival, where she won first prize for best children's entertainer. She hosted a television series for children entitled Mimagination. In addition, she is a guest artist at Algonquin College.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Discovering Mime

The goal of the workshop is to awaken children's imagination and artistic senses and to show how to communicate and tell a story non-verbally through movement and facial expression. To stimulate their curiosity, the artist will quiz the students on their knowledge of mime. She will then briefly trace the history and evolution of mime as an art form including in other countries such as China and Japan. She will also talk briefly about well known mimes such as the famous French mime Marcel Marceau. Using a chosen theme, the artist will teach, in a participatory way, some of the principal techniques used in mime. ln teams of four to six, the students will then develop short sketches based on the chosen theme. These sketches will be performed in front of the whole group. A question and discussion period will follow.

Through this workshop, students will learn how to:

  • express their thoughts and feelings non-verbally in order to communicate an idea or a story;
  • cooperate in expressing their artistic ideas and accepting those of others to create a small performance.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the use of a small sound system with a CD player, generally supplied by the school or rented at a cost of $60 per day. The room in which the workshop is given must be free of tables and chairs, and the temperature must be comfortable.

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Christiane Claude
Phone : 819 827-6463
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