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Norman Nawrocki

Performing arts


Norman Nawrocki
Photo: Lincoln Clarkes

Norman Nawrocki is a veteran multi-disciplinary writer/actor/musician/educator with an international reputation. He has several books of poetry and short fiction (in English, French & Italian), and is included in numerous anthologies. His texts appear in 50 albums of spoken word and music, in theatre musicals, in his many one-man cabarets, and in film soundtracks. He has written plays for CBC Radio and, since 1985, has performed his spoken word work live on the stage, radio and TV across Canada, the United States, Europe and in China. He also gives creativity workshops for community groups, lectures at universities and colleges coast-to-coast, and teaches part-time at Concordia University about how to use the arts to address current social issues. His speciality is educational comedy and questions of social justice. He enjoys touring Québec teaching students how to use pens, pencils, imaginations and their own natural talents for writing, acting, making music and performing.

Proposed approach and type of activities

How to act, clown, sing, make music and have fun expressing yourself

Students will be shown how they can use their voices, bodies, words, rhythms, sense of humour and imagination to tap into the actor/performer/clown/singer/musician that is in everyone. They will listen to different kinds of mood inducing music - funny, sad, happy - and be encouraged to exercise their imaginations and come up with their own new characters and bring them to life theatrically, Iyrically, using words, voices, gestures, body movements, characterizations, and everyday simple musical instruments improvised with bottles and cans, pens and pencils, keys and coins. They will have fun creating short group sketches, musical comedies, songs and soundscapes by using simple movements and rhythms, feet and hands, vocals and melodies, and the everyday objects present in the classroom suddenly transformed into magical new props.

Other examples of activities

Students will take turns inter-acting with each other through their characters, providing rhythmic or musical background soundscapes for each other, helping direct each other in group presentations of their creative work.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the following materials: kitchen implements (forks, spoons, pots, pans), plastic bottles full of beans; ghetto-blaster/cd player, plastic kazoos, whistles, and musical instruments from a one dollar store.

For information

Norman Nawrocki
Phone : 514 844-6562
Fax : 514 844-6562
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