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Stephen Pemberton-Smith

Cinema and video


Stephen Pemberton-Smith

The holder a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in Film Production from Concordia University, Stephen P. Smith has collaborated as associate producer and assistant director in professional films.  He has also worked on broadcast documentaries as camera operator, sound engineer and assistant producer.  Since 2007, his experience in film workshop coordination has led him to work in many schools and cities across Quebec.  The artist also produces professional content media for several broadcast sources.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The proposed cinematographic production workshop unfolds according to a professional approach.  The inspiration and the script ideas come directly from the students and this encourages their creativity.  Participants are made aware of the different roles within a production and the technical aspects of handling equipment before being invited to carry out a series of filming exercises. Towards the end of the workshop, the resulting content is placed in an editing context, while young people watch their work on the screen. All of the cinematographic production steps are addressed and explained by the artist. The experience of writing, performing and filming will transform the written scenario into a visual language. Throughout the workshop, emphasis will be put on positive communication, thereby encouraging efficient cooperation for the production of the films

Other examples of activities

The type of production is determined by the school’s needs and the desired level of involvement of the participants.  A shorter practical workshop lasting a couple of hours, will allow participants to understand the mechanics of filming scenes and the necessary steps to produce a film.  The scripts can be short films or a variety of humorous sketches.  The students will be asked to choose a performing role or a technical role.  This film production initiation workshop can give rise to larger scale projects. The artist will accompany young people during all of the pre-production, filming and editing steps.

Special conditions

The workshop requires DVDs at a cost of $10 per group.

For information

Stephen Pemberton-Smith
Phone : 514 923-4476
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