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Alejandro Moran

Performing arts


Alejandro Moran
Photo: Véro Boncompagni

Alejandro Morin studied theatre at the School of Dramatic Arts of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Arts in Mexico, then at the École Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Upon returning to Mexico he taught in various dramatic arts institutions and played in numerous theatre productions, in particular with the prestigious Mummenschanz company as part of a major world tour. Having lived in Montréal for the last 19 years, the artist has taught in different schools and played in several productions on television, in the theatre and in the movies (including Maelström, Tag and Les Plaques tectoniques). Alejandro Morin is the founder and director of Ollín Teatro Transformación (Playback), a theatre company specializing in improvisation that has played at various locations and certain cégeps.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Acting out our personal stories

In this workshop, which is based on the “Playback Theatre” technique, the artist invites students to improvise in an image-filled manner the personal stories, anecdotes or dreams of their classmates. The activity unfolds in three steps: warm-up, practicing a technique, and acting. These steps are basically the same for students of all levels. The difference lies in the choice of games or exercises made by the Artist with a view to varying the depth based on the age and experience of participants. During the acting activity, the most important, a volunteer tells a true story (time, place, characters, feelings) in detail, then chooses the student actors who will have to act out the story. The moderator summarizes the main elements of the story by making sure that they correspond to the vision of the story-teller. The children then put on the story, and the story-teller reacts to their interpretation. During the workshop, students will have the opportunity to develop the qualities of a good improviser, namely the ability to listen, confidence, spontaneity and imagination. Through simple exercises, students will be introduced not only to the principles and rules of improvisation but also to those of acting.

This approach and the program proposed by the artist can be adapted to the number of sessions required or the school's needs. Only one session would involve an overview of the technique, whereas several sessions would allow students to better assimilate and give tangible expression to the suggested technique.

Special conditions

The workshop requires a sound system as well as CD and cassette players.

For information

Alejandro Moran
Phone : 514 845-8038
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