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Artists at school


Emmanuelle Jacques

Visual arts
Print media, Drawing


Emmanuelle Jacques

Emmanuelle Jacques lives and works in Montreal. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM, she continued her education by taking several training courses. Since 2005, she has been an active member of Ateliers Graff and has occupied the position of assistant director since 2008. She regularly gives courses, demonstrations, creation workshops or other animation activities in visual arts for kids, teenagers or adults at Ateliers Graff or at exhibition centres where her works are on display. Emmanuelle Jacques has taken part in artist residencies in several Canadian artist-run centers and collaborates with Terrain vague, a bookbinding and book-artist edition studio located in Anse-Saint-Jean. Her work is part of the collection of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The artist first presents a brief history of printmaking, a short description of its basic characteristics and an overview of her work. With drawing and simple printmaking techniques such as stamps and linocut, students will discover the principles of the representation of territory as a map. They can draw inspiration from different atlases showcasing ancient maps with plenty of illustrations. Each participant will be invited to create his or her own stamp to symbolise an element of the legend on a map: a tree, a road, a mountain, a house, etc.

Students first use the stamp to work individually on a small section of the map. Afterwards, the stamps and map sections are put together, allowing the map to evolve on a collective basis. The activity can be continued over several periods during which the students can, for example, find names for the places they have created and print them using letters in the form of stamps. The sheets making up the map can also be bound to form an atlas. The techniques and materials used vary according to the age of the participants.

Examples of activities

My neighbourhood
Participants draw and engrave their house or a place they like. Each person prints his or her image on a sheet and cuts it out to assemble it with the others on a mural that reinvents their neighbourhood. Each house can be printed several times and modified with color pencils to multiply the possibilities.

My ideal city
Students play urban planners and imagine what elements can make their city an ideal one.

The imaginary country
Based on the "cadavre exquis" model, students trace the outline of an imaginary country whose features are represented using stamps.

Treasure island
Using a more individual approach, participants create the map of a treasure island by trading stamps with one another. They also learn how to "age" their map with lemon juice and an iron.

Travel into space
Each student creates a stamp representing an element of the universe: a star, a planet, a galaxy, a solar system, a spaceship, etc. To create a mural, they print their stamp several times with many different colors. They can also link the different elements together to create constellations.

Special conditions

The artist is available from September to mid-December and from mid-January to June. The workshop requires various non-reusable materials (inks, engraving plates, paper, etc.) for a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Emmanuelle Jacques
Phone : 514 278-8917
Email :

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