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Carol Jones

Performing arts
Danse, theatre, body percussion


Carol Jones

Trained in performing arts and specializing in percussive dance, Carol Jones has a lifelong passion for dancing and acting. The master’s graduate in theatre has developed her own percussive dance theatre technique, which she teaches in schools and at arts events, both at home and abroad. She also works on musical productions, including collaborations with the Orchestre Métropolitain. Since 2006, she has been presenting the story of Angélique, a role she created, as part of a project called Who Set Fire to Montréal? 1734, The Trial of Angélique. In 2010, she created FREE, a stage piece performed entirely using body percussion that looks at contemporary human trafficking. Carol Jones is also currently composing another score for the show La cordonnière de la place thanks to a creation grant.

Proposed approach and type of activities

A show inspired by the "Roulotte"!

Trained in dance and acting and specializing in body rhythm, Carol Jones holds a master’s degree in the rhythm of theatre (University of Québec at Montréal, 2002). As the daughter of a jazz drummer, Carol was raised on African rhythms and continued her training through exploratory travels. Her first series of expeditions, in which she travelled one of the slave trade triangles (the UK, Sierra Leone and Haiti), led her to create FREE, which looks at human trafficking. In this show, Carol Jones references the historical drum ban for slaves by having her performers use body percussion to express themselves wordlessly. After developing her artistic technique, she set off on a second series of exploratory travels, this time to Brazil and then Turkey, where she discovered usul rhythms.

Since 2012, Carol Jones has been revisiting her interest in spoken word and storytelling, exploring slam poetry and combining it with body percussion. Drawing inspiration from the fascinating world of Victoire Du Sault, Québec’s first female shoemaker, she created La cordonnière de la place. In this show, set in the present day, Victoria wants to create her own shoes but hesitates and fears the worst in our world shaped by consumerism and impermanence.

Examples of activities

Workshop 1
Elementary (Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Special education (preschool and elementary)
Secondary (I, II, III, IV, V)
Special education (secondary)

Me and my shoes

The workshop takes place in three stages:

1. First, the artist gives a tour of the Château Dufresne museum (a PowerPoint presentation is also available). Through the story of Victoire Du Sault and her relatives, the tour allows children to discover what family life and the social structure were like during the Industrial Revolution.

2. Building on these discoveries, Carol Jones invites students to create a piece of performance art (drama, dance or both) based on shoes. To help explore the actions, rhythms and colours of the characters, the artist offers a series of drama games and rhythm exercises ranging from polyrhythms for body and voice to dramatic scenarios. Using various techniques, everyone has fun creating captivating soundscapes, such as a train at the station and later in motion, a soccer game, an emergency room, etc. Then, during the workshop, students share a touching or funny anecdote involving a pair of shoes. Personal stories like these add to the history of our shoes—and our rhythms!

3. Students present their piece.

Workshop 2
Elementary (Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Special education (preschool and elementary)
Secondary (I, II, III)
Special education (secondary)

Polyrhythms for body and voice

The artist invites students to discover and explore body and vocal polyrhythms. Through various techniques and games designed to stimulate listening, coordination and memory, everyone has fun recreating captivating soundscapes, including a train at the station and later in motion, a soccer game, an emergency room, a fruit and vegetable market, etc. This simple workshop can be done in class. Casual dress and walking, running or other types of shoes are required.

Special conditions

Shoes (but not absolutely necessary)

For information

Carol Jones
Phone : 450 928-8066
Email :

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Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6, Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5, Special education (preschool and elementary), Special education (secondary)

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