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Artists at school


Francine Migner

Visual arts
Mixed media


Francine Migner

Francine Migner was born in Montréal. She has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities from Université de Montréal. Some of her work can be found in private and public collections, including those of Loto-Quebec. Involved in several art centres, she was president of the Praxis art actuel art centre from 1999 to 2001. She has presented in situ installations during land art events. Her most recent exhibition was held at the Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides and centered on the theme of Imagine a museum. Having transparency as her inspiration, she created a transparent museum with various recycled objects. Recycling is recurrent in her work as well as collages, photography and drawing. Art and ecology and art and science are two reoccurring themes in her installations. Since 1997, Francine Migner has hosted several art workshops in schools. The artist wishes to share with young people her passion for objects, both for what they represent and what they inspire, since their transformation always conveys a special message.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The artist discloses the nature of the objects that surround her and in so doing reveals the truth about our identity and our culture. She shows her autobiographical objects to the public. She examines these objects in a clear context: they have all been one day acquired, have been manipulated, worn, thrown away, lost and found. Her studio is crammed full of all sorts of objects. Among them are a great number of glass jars. They have a poetic nature that is always evolving… She puts this unwanted stuff “on display" when she exhibits them because they are placed in a context that is not their usual one. Sometimes, she works alone and, other times, with members of the community or spectators, especially during a performance. They go after traces and marks. What remains in her memory about these objects tells us about how we live, our collective behaviour, the short-lived nature of things and life. Sometimes, they conceal very intimate secrets in the way they are examined; they carry aesthetism and non-aesthetism, often close to arte povera. While using found and recycled objects, she finds an ecological road and plays with the transparency to convey a mysterious aspect to the work: we want to see, but we can't see all. The objects involved in the installation concern everybody, whatever their age or background. The artist uses universal signs and symbols in order to get her message across. Photography is an important element of her work.

Examples of activities

Her suggestion is to transplant her studio into a classroom and help the students discover her 2D and 3D work and above all, her sources of inspiration. The project of a mural (2D) with mixed media: monoprints, drawing and collage dealing with varied themes can be applied. A collective installation (3D) can also be created separately in another project, using recycled objects. Nature, ecology and recycling are all important subject matters in the artist's creations and will be part of each workshop.

Special conditions

The workshop requires paper, tempera, brushes, 15 Plexiglas sheets for printing at a maximum cost of $100 a day.

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Francine Migner
Phone : 450 926-2713
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