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Sally Lee Sheeks

Visual arts


Sally Lee Sheeks

After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (1997) and a Master's Degree in Sculptural Installation from Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany (2001), Sally Lee Sheeks lived in Helsinki, Finland for three years. While there, she taught drawing, then organized and participated in several exhibitions in drawing and sculpture, including the publication project Petite enveloppe urbaine 11 and the sculptural intervention event Urban Fountains. Since 2004, the artist has been back in Petite-Nation, from where she originates.  She has been actively involved in several cultural projects, notably the establishment of the Centre d'action culturelle de la MRC de Papineau, whose activities she coordinated in 2007-2008. Sally Lee Sheeks regularly participates in sculpture and drawing exhibitions, including the land art symposium in 2005 and 2008. She also gives drawing and land art workshops for adults and children. In 2009, she received a grant from the Fonds pour les arts et les lettres de l’Outaouais for a research and creation project on birds leading to an exhibition at the Centre culturel Jacques-Auger in April 2010.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Observation, integrity in the choice of materials, and the feeling of awe before nature and creative possibilities are key elements in the artist’s creative work, which she wishes to integrate in her workshops. To stimulate students' interest, workshops begin with a brief presentation of a natural phenomenon, of an artistic technique or of the work of an artist. With very young participants, the artist likes to give this presentation using a puppet or in the form of a story. The workshop continues with an observation period (focusing on the subject, the environment or materials), during which the group imagines the project it will carry out. Students then choose from among the materials put at their disposal those which best translate their idea or feeling. Depending on the activity, the creation can take place either individually, in small groups, or with the whole group. Ephemeral pieces are photo-documented. Ideally, activities related to nature observation include or are preceded by a group outing in nature.

Examples of activities

Nature puzzle (first cycle of primary school)
The objective of the workshop is to assemble a fish! Following a presentation on fish, the student chooses, in the schoolyard or from a selection of objects put at his or her disposal, some ten small objects that remind him or her of the characteristics of the fish (colour, shininess, shape, smell). He or she then assembles these objects in the shape of a fish. Students proceed to form small groups to create new bigger fish and finally, the whole group's objects are put together. This activity can be adapted to other subjects or to two-dimensional work.

Drawing birds (all classes)
The artist proposes an observation and imagination workshop geared to bird anatomy, flight dynamics, and feeling in line and shape. Students will be invited to use varied materials and media.

Sculptural installation (secondary school)
In small groups, students are called upon to observe their immediate environment (indoors or outdoors) in order to select an element that they wish to bring out by repetition, framing, opposition, lighting or transformation.

Special conditions

The workshop may require various materials at a cost of $25 to $30 per group.

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Sally Lee Sheeks
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