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Artists at school


Margrethe Ulvik

Visual arts
Textile, spinning, weaving


Margrethe Ulvik

After having completed advanced studies in textile arts, Margrethe Ulvik began her professional career in Norway, where her wall tapestries were commissioned, selected and exhibited in various public venues. She hosted several workshops for children with an intellectual impairment, which led her to pursue studies in order to obtain a degree in Art Therapy in England. Since then, the artist’s career has been geared to an increasingly social approach. She recently received a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conférence régionale des élus de l’Estrie and the Conseil de la culture de l’Estrie to hold her workshop in a textile factory in Coaticook for a six-month period. Another grant allowed her to introduce factory workers to manual weaving during their meal periods. She was also invited to work for one year with immigrant children in a primary school of Sherbrooke in order to teach them various hand weaving techniques. Inspired by the project, the City of Sherbrooke commissioned a permanent public art work from the artist. Margrethe Ulvik continues to experiment with and push back the limits of her textile art.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Infiltration (fibers, threads, weaving)

Weaving is one of the oldest art forms in human history, while heralding the progress of modern technology, notably in the computer programming field. Its nature is both logical and poetic. Using a slideshow, the artist first makes a brief presentation of textile art in different parts of the world in order to introduce students to this cultural heritage. She then presents her work and her career path before proposing activities that draw direct inspiration from her own achievements. The artist goes on to highlight each step in the production of a textile work. Students are then invited to take part in the production of the final work.

Examples of activities

  • "Fibers" – Contact with, discovery and choice of materials by using the senses of sight, touch and smell.
  • "Threads" – The art of spinning and discovering the simultaneous activity of all ten fingers!
  • "Weaving" – The art of weaving requires that you follow the rhythm of your body. Using unique hand-made threads and commercial spun and uncoloured yarn, each student creates a hand-woven art piece measuring 10 cm by 30 cm. It takes three sessions to complete the final work. This activity can be very beneficial for students of all ages with learning difficulties.

Other examples of activities

  • "Arabesque" (repetitive pattern) – The session begins with an outing to gather various materials such as pine needles, grains of sand, plant seeds, and various tiny elements found in nature. Participants are then invited to create, in a public setting (inside or outside school), a repetitive pattern to produce the arabesque effect.
  • "Weaving paper" – Creation of a book work.
  • "Between you and me" – Experimenting with various weaving techniques without a weaving machine. This activity promotes teamwork.

Special conditions

The workshop requires various materials provided by the artist at a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities. The choice of materials is made according to the participants’ level.

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Margrethe Ulvik
Phone : 819 565-9580
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