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Pierre-Jean Cano

Media and multimedia


Pierre-Jean Cano

With a Bachelor's Degree in piano and a Master's Degree in harmony and counterpoint from the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Pierre-Jean Cano creates his music freely without having to worry about commercial expectations. In 1981, he created his own occupation, namely the production of radio programs by and for children within the context of teaching French at school. The creations ensuing from this project, entitled Imagine-toi donc, were presented for more than twenty years over Montréal’s radio waves. He also hosted the daily broadcasts of 275-ALLO and 275-ADOS (which he created) on Radio-Canada radio. A pianist and composer, he has produced two records centering on the piano, Partir (recorded in New York) and Rubato, as well as an album of songs entitled Les larmes interdites. He has also created and produced eight songs of the talking book Protégez-vous du feu for National Fire Protection of America. This organization awarded the artist, on behalf of the U.S. Congress, the Benjamin Franklin Medal for the quality of his songs. The artist also organized performances for the Year 2000 for the St-Joseph Oratory. He created the talking book La Bande à Lulu for the Producteurs de lait du Québec, as well as the musical comedy for children entitled La Colère des jouets, for the Joujouthèque Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. He produced the talking book La légende du cerf-volant magique, which was followed by a performance tour in schools in collaboration with the Jeunesses Musicales du Canada. The artist received a grant from the Canada Council and the Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec for the design and radio production of La légende du cerf-volant magique. Pierre-Jean Cano teaches the Plaisir radio and Médias, français et oral courses which he set up at the teaching certificate and Master’s levels at Université de Sherbrooke.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Just imagine yourself!

During the workshop, Pierre-Jean Cano uses audio recording and imagination as  educational tools, allowing young people to discuss values that are important to them. Participants will be notably introduced to interview, reporting and radio play techniques. The works created on compact discs will be broadcast on the air of the local community radio station or over the Internet. In addition to fostering teamwork, imagination and self-confidence, the workshop is a window on the activities that take place in schools. By talking about their social and human environment, students offer the community the opportunity to discover them as they carry out their artistic, social and school activities.

Examples of activities

The workshop lasts 90 minutes.

  • Interview recorded on a mini-disk with the young people of the class on a chosen theme (publicity, racism, difference between telling a lie and telling a story, etc.). Listening to the interview and evaluation by young people.
  • Young people are divided into teams of two or three and prepare in writing an interview, a report or a radio play around the chosen theme.
  • Preparation of the scene sheet and team rehearsals.
  • Recorded general rehearsal and recording of the musical selections of young people.
  • Listening and editing.
  • Creation of a radio page on the school's web site and publication of the final radio feature story in mp3 format. A CD copy of the final version of the work is left with the teacher.

Special conditions

The workshop requires the purchase of CD and cases and USB key, at a cost of $40 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Pierre-Jean Cano
Phone : 438 490-8184
Email :

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