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Sylvain Dubois

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Sylvain Dubois

A graduate of the École nationale de cirque de Montréal, Sylvain Dubois is a multidisciplinary and professional circus artist. In his capacity as an acrobatic bicycle specialist, he has given shows around the world: on stage with several companies including Cirque Éloize and the New Pickle Circus (United States), in the street during various festivals, and in the schools of Québec. In 2004, the artist founded his own musical circus-theatre company, Ça s’en vient!!!, in addition to having taken part in the creation of a first performance entitled Les parfaits Inconnus. To date, this performance has been given in Canada, the United States and Mexico. At the same time as his activities with Ça s’en vient!!!, Sylvain Dubois is continuing his career as an independent artist with his act and solo show.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Make way for the circus

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn about juggling and acrobatics, notions which they will then put to good use to create an act. Upon request and depending on the time available, it will be possible to look at other circus techniques. You don't need to be a professional to create a circus act. Learning activities will be simple, but will stimulate young people's liking for circus arts. The creation of an act, although short and fast, will be accompanied with music. At the start of the session, young people will learn, both in pairs and in groups, to master certain basic elements of juggling and acrobatics (balloons and balls). They will go on to choose a concept, music and a costume in order to create a group act. Participants will then be invited to present the notions learned during the workshop, while introducing certain artistic intentions. During the creation process, students will have to take into account the group, which is an integral part of the presentation of their act. At this stage, the extent to which the finishing touches have been put on the act will depend on the available time and the number of workshops devoted to the project.

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Sylvain Dubois
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