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Artists at school


Myriam Chesseboeuf

Visual arts, Craft and design


Myriam Chesseboeuf

Myriam Chesseboeuf has been participating in arts and crafts exhibitions on the theme of decorated eggs since 1993. Designer of the "The bird and the decorated egg" show presented near Poitiers in France, she has been organizing this event, which can welcome up to thirty five international artists, since 1998. In 2003, she received training in medieval illumination and calligraphy techniques at the Heritage Department of the City of Poitiers. Myriam Chesseboeuf has participated in Québec City’s New France Festival since 2005. A member of the Société des Calligraphes de Montréal and the Conseil des métiers d’art du Quebec, Myriam wishes to introduce people from all walks of life to her art, notably by offering custom-tailored courses at her Quebec City workshop.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The objective of the workshop is to demonstrate the value of books from both the past and the present, as well as the importance of written expression in societies. Students will be introduced to simple techniques that are accessible to everyone. During the first part of the workshop, the artist presents tools and materials necessary for illumination and for calligraphy: feathers, pen holder, ink, papers, parchments, brushes, reed pens, pigments, egg, gold leaf or shell medium, inkwells, books, scraper, burnisher, etc. Books dealing with these subjects will also be put at the disposal of participants. The artist then goes on to present the history of and the techniques used in writing and making old books, after which she describes the scriptorium (a room reserved for writing in a monastery). Various written texts (French, old French, Latin, Greek), layout techniques, interpretation (finding one’s way in a handwritten page, reading the images and the margins) and certain links with comic strips will be explained. The artist stresses the importance of individual knowledge of written communication in the exercise of this art. Finally, various media (wood, paper, cards, bookmark, cardboard, book) and materials will be put at the disposal of participants to create an illumination and\or to try their hand at calligraphy. Students will receive guidance and will get to keep their final work.

Examples of activities

  • Bookmark (illumination and calligraphy).
  • Associating an illumination with a written work produced during the French or History course (poem, song, written composition, genealogy tree, etc.).
  • Illumination on a book cover.
  • Choice of initial letters.

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Myriam Chesseboeuf
Phone : 418 688-4433
Other phone : 418 580-6439
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