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Artists at school


Benoît Bourque

Performing arts


Benoît Bourque

A professional musician and singer since 1979, Benoit Bourque has represented Québec at numerous events around the world: notably in Canada, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. The artist has also given several percussion, dance and jig workshops. He won the Audience's Choice Award at the Moscow International Folklore Festival, the Gazetta Newspaper Award (Poland) for "his smile, charm and spontaneity", a JUNO Award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year/group and was nominated three times at ADISQ. His expertise in Québec traditional music and dance and his talent as a communicator are well recognized. Since the fall of 2008, he has been a member of the well-known group La Bottine Souriante.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Feet and hands - rhythms from here

During the initial contact with school staff, the artist checks if they are interested in making "bones" out of bamboo sticks or using genuine beef ribs. If so, he faxes or emails them the method for making these bones in order to be ready for the activities to come when he visits the school. His goal is to develop the students' interest in music and dance, including step dancing. Very often, boys are less interested in dance activities, but in his repertoire the artist has dances that are more "physical" and that reach boys more easily. For each age level, the activity culminates with a collective creation that is adapted to the capacity of the group.

Examples of activities

This workshop introduces young people to the rhythm and percussion instruments of French Canadian traditional music. Their participation begins even before the arrival of the artist through the preparation of beef ribs. For each age group, the activity culminates in a rhythmic creation adapted to the abilities of each participant. For primary one to three, rhythm is approached by hand clapping, then by learning the basic techniques of spoons and foot tapping with one and two sounds. For primary four to six, the same basic techniques are examined and students are introduced to the technique of bones and more advanced spoon techniques. Depending on their level, secondary students examine in greater detail basic bone techniques (position of hands, one-sound and two-sound snaps, triplets, basic rolls), spoon techniques (basic three-sound rhythm, using fingers to make snapping sounds, etc.), tapping of feet (basic rhythm with one, two and three sounds) and jig (body positioning, weight transfer, basic shuffles, etc.). Depending on the students' interest, the artist can also offer Québec traditional dance workshops.

Special conditions

Students must bring in two soupspoons and four beef ribs.

For information

Benoît Bourque
Phone : 450 583-6918
Other phone : 514 743-5833
Fax : 450 583-
Email :

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