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Artists at school


Liliane St-Arnaud

Performing arts
Dance and visual arts


Liliane St-Arnaud
Credits: Liliane St-Arnaud

Liliane St-Arnaud has been the artistic director and choreographer of Compagnie de danse Axile since 1987. In the development of her creations, she favours collaboration between professional dancers and non-dancers. This approach creates new dynamics in the search for gestures against the backdrop of a never-ending paradox between the mastery of body movements required by professional dancers and the fragility of non-professionals, whose limits are constantly being tested. As a result, the work gains in finesse, emotion and humanity. Moving, unsettling and filled with poetry, her choreographies have enabled people who are not involved in the dancing profession to live a special stage experience. Vieillesse et prouesses (2008), a show-workshop for seniors and elementary school students, and De fil en aiguille (2009), a show intended for the general public, are her most recent creations.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Image and Dance

The idea is to have students explore a world that is unfamiliar to them. Participants reveal themselves as they act and interact according to their experiences and knowledge. The movement unfolds and transforms itself as students gain assurance and develop their sensitivity. The movements are articulated according to the rhythm, the space, objects, sounds, etc. Often minimalist at first, the gestures grow in scope and change according to the risks that students are willing to take.

The artist favours teamwork because an idea can be more easily transformed and because group forms are easier to master. In class, she begins by proposing a warm-up (a must), which helps to develop strength, flexibility and memory as well as a sense of rhythm. In the creation process, the artist introduces notions that lead young people to work on the imaginary aspect, originality and physical skills, based on appropriate themes. Whether it is during creation or during more technical workshops, students go beyond simple movements. Depending on the needs and the subject of the workshop, the artist introduces objects, contemporary music, texts and images that will be a source of inspiration. At the secondary level in particular, the notion of lift and safety are promoted to facilitate the execution of moves and creation. Finally, young people are invited to share their achievements through presentations.

Examples of activities

Various creation workshops based on paintings, texts and music are proposed. Other types of sessions geared to learning and the execution of lifts, the learning of choreographs belonging to a repertory, the sharing of professional experiences or any other gesture-related experience may be envisaged.

At the elementary level

  • Creation workshops based on photos, drawings or paintings.
  • Creation workshops based on themes or projects initiated by students.
  • Sessions and hosted activities focusing on the occupations of dancer, choreographer and artistic director.
  • Creation workshops based on unusual objects and music.

At the secondary level

  • Creation workshops based on images and words.
  • Creation workshops based on themes chosen by students.
  • Workshops dealing with lifts or work on group forms.
  • Creation workshop with a view to putting on a school show.
  • Creation workshops with objects.
  • Sessions and hosted activities focusing on the occupations of dancer, choreographer and artistic director.
  • Learning of choreographic excerpts that are part of the company’s repertory.

Special conditions

The artist is available from October to December and from February to June. The workshop requires a sound system and a room that is big enough so that children can move around freely.

For information

Liliane St-Arnaud
Phone : 819 846-1782
Other phone : 819 821-5401
Email :

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