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Artists at school


Taqralik Partridge

Performing arts
Spoken word, Performance poetry


Taqralik Partridge
Photo: Nadya Kwandibens

Taqralik Partridge started performing Inuit throatsinging professionally in 1998. Notable performances include: Museum de l'histoire naturel in Lyon, accompaniment to Arianne Moffat (Spectrum), performance with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal and numerous performances at festivals and events across Canada. In 2004, she moved to spoken-word performance - finding that her writing lent itself more to performance than the written word. She sometimes includes throatsinging in her performance pieces. Her work has consistently received positive reviews from publications and radio/television programs on APTN, CBC Radio One (Montréal), CBC North (Iqaluit), Montreal Mirror, Ottawa Express, the Concordian, Spirit Magazine and Shameless Magazine. Notable performances include: repeat appearances at the Words and Music show in Montréal, Westfest (Ottawa), Toonik Tyme (Iqaluit), Riddu Riddu festival (Norway) and Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Her work is centered on her experience as a young Inuit artist - with influences as varied as hip-hop and traditional lnuit storytelling. Her first goal is to teach youth that their experiences, their cultural background and their individual perspectives can and should be voiced through artistic expression. Spoken-word is a versatile and dynamic tool for artistic expression that exerts a broad appeal for youth and can be performed anywhere.

The proposed workshop would include a short introduction to spoken-word, including playing samples of spoken-word recordings from Montréal-area performers as well as from noted artists such as Ursula Rucker and Saul Williams. The artist would not focus too much on the history except to mention the Beat poets from the 1950s and the influence that the spoken-word has had on Rap music - as she would Iike to focus on the creation of a performance with the students.

The workshop would then guide students to write a short spoken-word piece based on a personal experience, event, feeling, observation, etc. The piece could rhyme or not rhyme.

It is more important that the piece be an expression of their personality. A rented mike and amp will be used in the workshop and time will be set aside at the end of the class to have a series of performances (for those who want to go up to the mike) and also to make a recording of the performances to be burned to CD with the title chosen by the students.

Other examples of activities

Choose a theme with the group and work on a spoken-word piece on the chalkboard which the artist (or a student) performs for them.

Ask if any of the students do freestyle rap or beat-boxing and incorporate this into the artist's (or a student's) performance on the spot.

Facilitate a discussion on poetry vs. rap vs. the spoken-word vs. the written word (get students to engage in understanding the Iyrics of the music they like to listen to.)

Have students write and perform pieces and record them onto a compilation for the class. As a general rule, individuals must perform their own pieces - but two or more persons can collaborate on a piece. The artist would like to encourage the students to write pieces that reflect on subjects that are important to them.

Special conditions

Rental of portable mike and amp, purchase of writable CDs. Less than $100 per day.

For information

Taqralik Partridge
Phone : 514 923-9031
Email :

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