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Anouk Looten

Performing arts, Visual arts, Craft and design
Stage design, Masks, Stained glass


Anouk Looten

Anouk Looten is a set designer who worked in Europe for several years. While there, she collaborated in various classical and contemporary theatrical productions. For close to fifteen years, she worked on the creation of sets, costumes, masks and props for professional stage productions. She began working as a workshop host within the context of an exhibition presented at the National Museum of Scotland. Since then, the artist has hosted workshops intended for both adults and children dealing with Fine Arts, the creation of costumes, sets and masks. Upon returning to Montréal in 2006, she took up stained glass work and developed workshops for primary school children. Anouk Looten has also taught Fine Arts to children at the Centre des arts visuels de Montréal.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Imitation of stained glass for Château Dufresne

Depending on the age group, the allocated time and the chosen theme, the artist first explains the project and its completion stages. Short demonstrations and a personalized approach help each student feel at ease. Indeed, the prime objective is to foster students’ creative abilities through projects that are rewarding.

Examples of activities

The proposed workshops are part of the Héritage de Guido Nincheri project presented by Château Dufresne in Montréal. The purpose of the activity is to imagine and create collective works made up of painted panels in the stained glass style. These panels will be displayed at Château Dufresne in frames built for this occasion. Students will be asked to use their imagination based on a given theme.  They will learn to master a few principles associated with composition and the following techniques:

  • Planning a collective work.
  • Drawing by respecting the requirements specific to stained glass work: continuous lines, full shapes.
  • Drawing with transparencies and on several planes, then applying colour.

Suggested themes (one per class)

  • The garden under a microscope.
  • The weather: the Sun and the Moon, seasons.
  • Our footsteps: drawing the outlines of a hand mixed with faces.
  • The sky: the Sun, the Moon, planets, stars
  • The sea floor
  • Abstract forms: Picasso, Miro and Sonia Delaunay
  • Mother Nature: who is she? What does she look like?

Session 1 (one hour)

The purpose of this session is to do the drawing on paper.

  • Presentation of the project with an illustration of the final product of the exhibition.
  • Observation of stained glass and stained glass panes.
  • Composition principles specific to stained glass work. 
  • Presentation of the theme.
  • Group discussion on possible drawing subjects and examination of visual documents to find inspiration. 

Session 2 (two hours)

The purpose of the workshop is to trace the drawings on the panels and then apply the colour. The artist will first draw a few main lines with “faux lead” (special paste) to reinforce the stained glass effect.

  • Recap of the project with documentation and technical demonstration.
  • Tracing with a permanent marker.
  • Painting.
  • Group evaluation.

Other examples of activities

Imaginary architecture The students are invited to create imaginary worlds populated by small characters, resembling those of miniature theatre models. Using the cut cardboard technique, students explore the notions of volume, proportion and perspective.

Wolf, are you there? (primary only)
A carnival of strange animals will come to life through masks and colourful headwear made by the students. The workshop is an opportunity to put on a short skit or a choreography. The activity can also be used as a visual support for a specific school event.

Special conditions

The workshop requires several materials at the maximum cost of $100 per day.

For information

Anouk Looten
Phone : 514 975-3603
Email :

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