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Artists at school


Pascaline Knight

Visual arts, Craft and design
Screen printing


Pascaline Knight

Pascaline Knight has a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Concordia University. She uses things from everyday life and ephemeral objects as her main work tool. She has a screen printing studio and works on clothing in particular. The artist’s strength lies in her sensitivity when it comes to gaps and breaks. Every day or almost every day, the artist looks at microscopic details,  drawing from them the elements of her day: a conversation, a play on words, an anecdote or a thought that will enable her to live every day with a little more wisdom and humor. In a project entitled Apostrophe, the artist chose tea for the  ritualization of time in her installation work. Over a period of one year, she collected and then sewed together more than 4,000 tea bags donated to her, weaving together the time spent by the contributors. At the same time, the artist created a 365-page book in which she drew a daily picture and wrote a daily word, thereby creating a space where passing time takes on a tangible character. During her project entitled Slip it to me, Pascaline Knight invited members of the general public to donate a  word of their choice.  With each of these words, the artist weaved pictures and translated an inheritance into an omnipresent donation.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The proposed workshop is based on experimentation, exploration and observation. Using a few examples, the artist begins by explaining the history and the function of the screen printing technique. The objective of the activity is to lead children from their internal world to the external world, to reveal the importance of self-expression, and to go beyond any preconceived notion of what constitutes a successful work of art.

Examples of activities
Each student is first asked to bring to class two coloured articles of clothing, preferably t-shirts. The artist then explains the procedure and the possibilities afforded by screen printing, after which students are invited to produce a black and white screen print.  The application of the image on the screen is achieved using stencils cut in wax paper. Each student has his or her own little screen, which will be sponged and then dried using a dryer.

Special conditions

The workshop requires non-reusable materials at a cost of $60 per day.

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Pascaline Knight
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