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Frédéric Gauld

Performing arts


Frédéric Gauld

Following classical percussion training at the Conservatoire de musique de Hull, Frédéric Gauld began exploring rhythm from a more creative angle. He received several honours for his participation in performances at Cégep, motivating him to form an innovative percussion trio; the group toured Europe and North America (2000 Universal Exhibition in Hanover, Germany, Aurillac Festival in France, Just for Laughs Festival, Québec Summer Festival, etc.). The artist has also given solo percussion performances on a regular basis in Eastern Canada, mainly in the Maritimes, Québec and Ontario. Frédéric Gauld has acquired extensive experience in drum making and founded his own company, Pec Percussion, which today is a supplier of Steve’s Music store and the Cirque du Soleil, among others.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The objective of the workshop is to have students take part in a rhythmic creation experience. The session begins with the presentation of an excerpt from a colourful and energetic show to plunge young people into the universe of rhythm. The artist’s role is to supervise and stimulate the creativity of young people, while introducing various elements intended to feed their intellectual curiosity. Lasting approximately 75 minutes, the workshop culminates in the creation and recording of a short rhythmic piece.

Specific objectives:

  • Taking the mystery out of writing and reading music
  • Stimulating confidence and self-esteem in relation to creation
  • Getting participants to work in a group to invent and structure action sequences
  • Practicing listening and the sharing of sound spaces
  • Introducing young people to music terminology
  • Having them use their aesthetic judgment
  • Taking the mystery out of creating music

Examples of activities

  • Series of rhythmic games accompanied by percussion instruments, which will lead participants to explore the rhythm of the seasons, writing music and group performances. Young people will create their own piece, which will then be immortalized on a short recording.
  • Creation of simple rhythms and choreographies using objects from the everyday life of young people: orchestra with a section that plays on chairs, with another section that plays on lunchboxes, or that taps straws against the bottom of a juice carton, etc.
  • Drum-making workshop using materials prepared ahead of time. The school can keep the resulting drum.

Special conditions

Fee of $ 100 per day

For information

Frédéric Gauld
Phone : 450 775-7565
Email :

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