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Marie-Claude Fontaine

Cinema and video


Marie-Claude Fontaine

The holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation Cinema (Covitech Award) and a Bachelor’s Degree in the Teaching of Plastic Arts from Concordia University, Marie-Claude Fontaine worked as a plastic arts specialist in a childcare centre for more than five years. She participated in the Jeunes Volontaires program and as part of this program she wrote a storyboard and created puppets. She went on to collaborate with Les Productions Mégafun in the production of a short film featuring puppet animation, a video production for the song Barati Baratin written by Gilles Vigneault and performed by Yves Lambert. This work appears in the song and nursery rhyme DVD for children entitled Un trésor dans mon jardin. The artist also worked in the television industry as a puppet operator and in Poko, a children’s program airing on CBC. Moreover, she has collaborated with independent film-maker Michael Crochetière on the creation and animation of puppets for the short film entitled Dark Flowers. Marie-Claude Fontaine obtained a script development bursary from SODEC.

Proposed approach and type of activities

The artist wishes to make known and make accessible to young people the process for creating an animation film. The workshop deals more with exploration and the creation process than with the finished product. Students will be called upon to take artistic risks and convey their work in a visual manner, rather than a verbal one, while relying on their teamwork skills. Through simple exercises, participants will be able to master a few basic techniques and notions of animation.

Example of activities


  • Create for the pleasure of creating.
  • Learn a simple animation technique.
  • Use the method taught to convey a story or some kind of message.
  • Develop imagination, creativity and problem-solving.

Completion stages
The workshop begins with the presentation of the proposed animation technique, namely cut-outs. After watching a short film produced using this method, the notions of time slicing, exaggerated movements, timing and repetition are explained to students. A simple theme (one word) is then chosen by the class. Divided into teams of four or five, participants produce a brief scenario (two to three seconds) illustrating this theme. Using puppets and sets provided by the artist, the students create their animation directly in front of the camera. The final product is a film with no sound.

Other examples of activities

  • Following the workshop, the teacher could ask students to add sound or a narration to the film.
  • Showing of the film to other classes.
  • Exploration of other animation techniques: pixilation, painting on glass, animation directly on film, sand or other objects in front of the camera, etc.
  • A longer workshop would allow students to make their own puppets and build their own sets.

Special conditions

The workshop may require the rental of a computer, a video-camera or a digital camera at a maximum cost of $100 per day of hosted activities.

For information

Marie-Claude Fontaine
Phone : 819 322-7894
Email :

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Secondary 1, Secondary 2, Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5

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Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval

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