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Artists at school


Geneviève Després

Visual arts


Geneviève Després

A graduate in Industrial Design from Université de Montréal, Geneviève Després began working in this field before dedicating herself to her first passion, drawing. She took up the trade of illustrator and did several contracts related to advertising, literature, illustrated literature and editorials, in addition to showing an interest in children’s books. She has notably illustrated the texts of Cécile Gagnon and Arlette Cousture. Moreover, she participated in 2001 in the Deuxième Biennale de l’illustration du Québec. The artist went on to spend a few years in Europe, where she drew inspiration from and explored various techniques. In 2006, she successfully hosted a workshop on the theme of children’s books at the École européenne de Varèse in Italy, where she lived for one year. Having greatly appreciated this experience, she would like to share it with young people here in Québec.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Collective book

The workshop begins with a brief history of children’s books. The artist then follows up with the book-making process by explaining the role of the various participants (from the author to the printer) using illustrations which students are asked to put in chronological order. She then explains the structure of the book as well as the stages involved in its creation, from the manuscript to the final illustrations and including cutting, composition and sketches. The sketches and the originals brought in by the artist will allow students to better understand these different stages, whereas the original drawings done on recycled media (cardboard, shopping bags) will give them another perspective concerning the notions of recycling and creation.

Example of an activity
The workshop is based on a story written beforehand by the students or proposed by the teacher or the artist. The level of complexity of the project (number of pages or sentences illustrated by each participant) varies according to the participants’ age and the allocated time. While ensuring coherency between the text and the image, students familiarize themselves with the principles of brainstorming and then choose their technique based on their personality. Participants will be free to create their own image by taking into account the pages illustrated by their classmates. This solo and group work is the source of pride and highlights the imagination of each participant.

Other examples of activities

  • Some works already done by students using a technique that has been learned or any other past artistic project can be incorporated in the workshop
  • Illustration of a nursery rhyme, a fable or a song.

Special conditions

For information

Geneviève Després
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Kindergarten, Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Primary 6

Available in

Estrie, Montérégie, Montréal

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