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Artists at school


Elyse De Lafontaine

Visual arts, Craft and design
Textiles, Sculpture, Installations


Elyse De Lafontaine

Initially a professional hat-maker, Elyse De Lafontaine taught hat-making techniques for four years. Today, she is a textile sculptor; her favourite materials include horse hair, feathers and steel. Having graduated from the Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal in 2000, she also holds a Diploma in Plastic Arts from Cégep du Vieux Montréal. The artist has received numerous awards including the prestigious François-Houdé Award, which she obtained in 2001. She has participated in some fifty group exhibitions in North America and Europe as well as in approximately ten solo exhibitions. In 2006, Elyse De Lafontaine was a winner of the fifth edition of the Oeuvre d’art éphémère competition organized by Place des Arts de Montréal. Her works appear in private collections, both in Quebec and abroad, as well as in collections held by government corporations.

Proposed approach and type of activities

Using a slideshow, the artist begins by presenting to the students her work and her career path as well as the various materials used. The last images will serve as an introduction to the workshop in order to better see the finished product and to understand its context and origin. All of the proposed activities draw inspiration from the artist’s creations. It is important that students embrace the theme being proposed by expressing and developing their own creativity, without losing sight of the fun aspect and the notion of pleasure, which are essential for creation.

Examples of activities
The planned activities are adapted according to the length of the session, the age of the participants and the level of each group.

Exploration of feathers
Dyeing, shaping, curling feathers…. Carrying out all the steps that modify feathers in order to create an artistic montage.

Feathers and threads will be applied on a piece of paper or on a square piece of fabric. Each square is a creation of its own and putting them together leads to the creation of a new work. A parallel is drawn with family life, the classroom or society, namely a group made up of unique individuals.

Wish stick
Students are invited to decorate the end of a stick with feathers and ribbons. A parallel is drawn between this stick and the prayer sticks used by some Aboriginal peoples. Weather permitting, an outdoor installation could be created to give the wishes a suitable send-off.

Teacher’s theme
Taking up a theme used by the teacher and adapting it to a textile creation. Introduction to different ways of exploring the same theme using various techniques.

Special conditions

The workshop requires several materials as well as a sewing machine, at a maximum cost of $100 per day of guided activities.

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Elyse De Lafontaine
Phone : 514 645-2057
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